Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ri-Yakitori, The Gardens Hotel KL

Ri-Yakitori, located on the 7th Floor of the The Gardens Hotel features both traditional and inventive takes on Japanese yakitori. Yakitori, which commonly refers to Japanese skewered grilled chicken, and can also refer to skewered food in general.

Other than yakitori, the menu here also highlights various appetizers, tempura, steamboat, noodles, rice dishes, rice balls, ochazuke, and Japanese snacks such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki. They also offer 2 set menus priced at RM99 and RM110 per person.

To start, we were served the carpaccio of tuna, topped with raw onion rings, tobiko (fish roe) and drizzled with a wasabi, soy and olive oil sauce. Loved this light, refreshing starter. :)

Their signature cabbage salad with two dressings. All guests will be served this complimentary salad, a good accompaniment to the yakitori.

You can choose from chicken, seafood, beef and vegetable skewers. Chicken is the highlight here, with almost every edible part being featured - soft bone, gizzard, liver, heart, tail, neck and more. Of course, you can also get the less exotic parts too like thigh, and breast. For those who cannot decide which part to order, you can have the assorted grilled chicken platter (RM42) which includes skin, breast, meatball, wings and thigh. My favorite is the chicken skin, followed by the wings and thigh.

The wagyu beef tataki (RM75) was another hit at our table - we enjoyed the tender, juicy thinly sliced Wagyu beef which has been lightly seared. Tastes fantastic, eaten with the chilli radish topping.

Other than tataki, they also have Wagyu beef on skewer (RM41) as well as gyutan (beef tongue) (RM41). Needless to say, the Wagyu was tender and juicy. The beef tongue had an interesting chewy texture (but not tough) and it was very flavorful as well.

Told you we loved the chicken skin (RM6 per stick) - what makes it so good is that it's grilled until it's super crispy and crunchy. Bet this would be really good with sake or beer. :)

 From the seafood section, there is eel liver, shishamo, mentaiko, salmon, unagi, cuttlefish, scallop and tiger prawn to choose from. Our choice was the scallop (nice and huge) and tiger prawn (comes in 2 pieces).

Some other dishes we tried here:

Mentaiko onigiri (rice ball) - RM21

Oyakodon (stewed chicken with egg, rice and leeks) - RM29

Ramen Noodles in Hot Chicken Broth (RM29)

For dessert, we had the crepe filled with chocolate ice cream mousse and strawberries. Other desserts you can get here is yuzu sherbet, green tea ice cream and dorayaki.

Note: We reviewed this restaurant as part of our staycation at the hotel.

Opening times: 5pm to 1am (last food orders at 11pm). Closed on Sundays.

Location: Ri-Yakitori, St Giles The Gardens - Grand Hotel & Residences, Level 7, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. (The Gardens Hotel/Robinsons side)

Tel: 03- 2268 1188

Website: http://www.stgiles.com/kuala-lumpur-hotels/the-gardens-hotel-and-residences/yakitori/

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  1. Ooh everything looks so goood! Especially them Wagyu skewers, yums!

  2. mmm everything look delicious. would love a bite of the wahyu beef


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