Thursday, May 28, 2015

Machi Pork Noodles @ Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras, KL

One of our favorite, indulgent Malaysian breakfast is this pork noodle from Machi. It is located in the hawker row (Pusat Penjaja) in Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras.

We were first introduced to this place by a neighbour and have kept coming back ever since. You can choose the type of noodles you want (meehoon, kuay teow, mee suah, yee mee, rat's tail noodle), whether you want it dry or with soup and what porky ingredients you want (innards, pork loin, minced pork, pork balls) and you also have the option of adding on bittergourd or eggs.

Hubby usually goes for the dry version with rat's tail noodle - it comes with a separate bowl of soup with the porky ingredients.

I would go for the meehoon in soup, and add on bittergourd. The soup is clear and sweet. I like how generous they are with the ingredients. A small bowl will cost RM6 (extra RM1 for bittergourd) and a large bowl is RM6.50.  
(*Update (May 2016): A small bowl of noodles is priced at RM6.50 now. Update Feb 2018: price is RM7 now for small)

Sometimes, I also like to order the yee mee pork noodles...  when I have this, I like to add on an egg. Yummeh! 

It does get pretty hot in the afternoons, although they do have a small A/C seating area downstairs. My advise is to come here before 10am.

Opening times: 7.00am to 11.00pm daily. Closed on Mondays.

Location: Machi Noodle, Pusat Penjaja Taman Bukit Anggerik, Jalan 34/154, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. 

Tel: 016- 993 3299

GPS Coordinates: 3.057795, 101.745982 (search Machi noodle on Waze)

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  1. talking my language. I love this pork noodles. Generous with the pork

    1. Yeah it's really good! We have it pretty often for breakfast :)

  2. Yummmm!!!! Oooo...intestines!!! I like!!! Now I gotta to go for this at one place in town - don't think they have intestines though. I would love that...and liver too!!!

    1. I think they have liver sometimes too, but too bad I dont take it.

  3. Hi Yen,

    I like my noodles to be the dry version with lots of sauce too... Your hubby's bowl of rat tail noodles looks yummy!


  4. i don't think i've ever been to Taman Bukit Anggerik, but a comforting bowl of pork offal sounds tempting! :)

  5. Ooh I love being able to build my own noodle bowl! The rat's tail noodle looks pretty scary though!


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