Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yee Sang @ Senjyu Japanese Restaurant, Bangsar Village II, KL

Happy Birthday everyone! 

Today, the 7th Day of Chinese New Year is known as "Renri" 人日, or everyone's birthday. Yee sang is traditionally eaten on this day for continued wealth and prosperity. 

Yesterday, Hubby and I went on for a spot of daytime dating after running some errands in Bangsar. Since we had a heavy breakfast, we wanted something light for lunch. Then we saw Senjyu was doing a yee sang with both salmon AND scallops....  WANT!

Named the "Superior Hotate Salmon Yee Sang", you can either get a small portion for RM42.80 or large for RM68.80. The small portion can serve 2 pax and was just nice for the both of us. This is the first time we're tossing yee sang with only 2 persons... ;)

I really love Japanese yee sang - it tastes very fresh and is just like eating a salad.  Consists of jellyfish (chuka karage), shredded/julienned vegetables such as radish and carrot and cucumber, tempura bits, pickled ginger, seasoned seaweed, seasoned baby octopus (chuka idako) and marinated scallop lips (chuka hotate).

Let's toss to a good year :)

Opening times: 12.00 - 9.00pm.

Location: Senjyu, 2F-27 & 28, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Village II, 2, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 - 2201 5865


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  1. yee sang for two sounds good ... more to enjoy for both of us, heh! :D

  2. Hi Yen,
    I have not had yee sang for two before! Haha!
    I'm not a fan of yee sang but that looks good! My favourite, baby octopus!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family!

  3. Happy birthday, all. So fast, 7 days already. Chap Goh Meh in a week's time.

  4. I didn't know about it being everyone's birthday! You learn something new all the time :) And I've always felt that Yee Sang is a really Japanese type of dish with the sashimi too!


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