Friday, November 21, 2014

Kids Gardening/Crafts Project: Cress Egg Heads

School's out!

As a parent, I understand that parents will be busy finding interesting activities to fill up their children's days. A really fun and cool activity to do with your kids is making these adorable, cute cress egg heads.

Fun gardening and craft activity to do with your kids

Children will get to learn about gardening (how seeds germinate and sprout), responsibility (they must remember to water their cress every day) as well as being creative (decorating their egg heads' body). My kids were definitely very excited doing this project and watching their seeds grow. Every day after they arrive home from school, the first they do is check on their sprouts and water them. I also joined in the fun and planted my cress in a shallow plastic tray (round ice cream cover would work well).

What you will need:
♥ Egg carton
♥ Empty eggshells half
♥ Cotton wool
♥ Spray bottle
♥ Cress seeds or other small seeds such as chia, mizuna, arugula, flax.
♥ Several toilet paper roll
♥ Marker or magic colour pens

You can get mizuna, arugula or cress seeds from gardening shops (like Ace Hardware) or gardening websites and chia and flax seeds can be found in organic food shops.

What you need to do:
1. First, you will need to draw a face on the eggshell halves with the markers (broken edge should face up).

2. Stuff the egg shells with cotton wool and spray with water until the cotton wool is very wet.

3. Arrange the egg shells in the egg carton and then sprinkle on the seeds onto the cotton wool. Spray once more with water and leave in a sunny spot. Since Malaysia climate is quite hot, it is recommended to spray twice a day - it is important to keep it moist or else the sprouts will dry out and die.

4. Wait for about 4-7 days, your sprouts should have grown quite high by now.

Day 2

Day 3

5. Decorate the toilet rolls with marker pen (buttons/ties/ribbons) then balance the cress egg heads on top of the tube. You can give your egg head a haircut  whenever you are ready to harvest some for your sandwiches or salads. ;)

Have fun!

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  1. Baby sumo's kids are so lucky to have parents like you! ;P
    I dont remember i have childhood like this..LOL

  2. Yen, that's so creative! The cottonwool reminded me of my primary school project where we had to sprout long beans :)

  3. this is fun. used to play this when i was young too. good to keep up the tradition.

    to avoid ipads and playstation for kids^

  4. happy school holidays! :D i remember scrawling on egg shells in kindergarten, but this project definitely takes it to a fun and educational new level! :D

  5. these are cute - we like making them too. x


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