Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Japanese Ramen @ Takumi, Düsseldorf, Germany

The city of Düsseldorf boasts the largest Japanese community in Germany and there is no surprise that you can find a huge amount of Japanese shops and restaurants in what is termed the "Japantown of Düsseldorf". It is certainly interesting to step into a part of town where it transforms from European to Japanese. 

We were in Düsseldorf for a midweek visit and made it a point to visit one of the restaurants to have a sample of their ramen. A quick google search led us to Takumi and Naniwa as the two leading establishments and we decided to give Takumi a go. 

At the Japan quarters itself, there are two Takumi branches to cope with their overwhelming flow of customers. We experienced its popularity for ourselves - although we were there early, a line was already starting to form outside the restaurant. The restaurant itself is rather small and thus filled up right away when the restaurant opened its doors. Customers flow in and out quickly, mindful of the other people who are lining up for their lunch. They have frequent menu changes in Takumi and the special ramen on their menu when we were there was a vegetarian one (tofu and miso) which we decided to give a miss. 

Special Shio Ramen (€11.80)

Church nearby the second restaurant

The second restaurant

The main Takumi restaurant

It is located just opposite of Hotel Nikko

Complimentary cold green tea. A nice contrast to the warming ramen soup

The restaurant filled up as soon as they opened their doors

A table in the corner for those who like the traditional seating

Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, these Gyozas (€2.40 for 5) were a joy to eat. We were lucky to be there on a Wednesday to have these beauties for half the price! (€4.80 normally)

Both ramens we had used the same noodles. Apparently it is air-flown from Sapporo. It had a nice spring to it and the broths for both ramens were very flavoursome and kept us wanting more.

My Special Shio Ramen

The regular Shio Ramen (€9.00)

Verdict: We enjoyed our experience in Takumi and would certainly return for a second visit whenever we are in town and try a few other of their creations on the menu.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday : 12:00 – 22:30; Saturday : 11:45 – 21:45; Sunday : 12:00 – 22:00

Price: €23 for two ramens and a plate of gyoza. Cold tea is complimentary.

Location: Takumi, Immermannstraße 28, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany.

Tel: 0211 1793 308

GPS Coordinates: 51.223497, 6.788904

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  1. Seems that Takumi is a really popular name for Jap restaurant. Hehehe

  2. isn't globalisation brilliant, you can eat noodles flown in from Japan in germany!

  3. looks like a lot of eager customers at this outlet! ramen is internationally beloved :D

  4. The noodles look awesome! I like my Ramen broth to be creamy and thick!

  5. That's great that they've got such good ramen in Germany. I'd never have guessed it!

  6. The soup taste so good! Love it.

  7. Hi Yen,

    I cannot imagine eating ramen in Germany.... but this place and all their food looks good to me :D



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