Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hakata Ippudo Ramen @ The Gardens Mall, KL

Last week, we met up with a good friend of mine at The Gardens Mall and decided to try out the newly opened Ippudo Ramen since she wanted Asian food for lunch and kids also love ramen! We have previously visited the outlet at Pavilion KL so we were keen to try this and compare.

Akamaru Shinaji

Just like their Pavilion KL outlet, there is often a queue outside this outlet too. Luckily for us, it started to get busy only after we were seated so we managed to skip the queue. The outlet is pretty compact, and it seems that they are suffering from ventilation problems, as the outlet was pretty warm and they had to utilise extra cooling units to cool the place down.

There are 3 broths to choose from - original Tonkotsu (Shiromaru Motoaji), special miso blend (Akamaru Shinaji) and spicy Karaka miso (Spicy Karaka-men). For lunch on weekdays, they do a special Ippudo Combo Set which offers 1 bowl of ramen + 1 side dish or dessert + 1 green tea for RM29.90++. Hubby and I went for the original tonkotsu (shiromaru motoaji) while my friend went for the Akamaru Shinaji. We also ordered an egg each (RM2).

Ippudo Combo set menu

We all went for the Buta Kara Bun for our side dish option, and this was pretty good. Crispy deep fried pork loin is drizzled with a homemade spicy sauce and sandwiched between a soft bun. Baby C enjoyed this and ate my portion.

We thoroughly enjoyed our bowl of Shiromaru Motoaji ramen. When ordering, we were asked how we wanted our noodles cooked and we opted for normal, which is just nice. However, the extra noodles that we ordered were much too hard for our liking. The noodles are topped with 2 pieces of belly chashu, beansprouts, wood ear fungus, and spring onions. Broth is good and we drank it to the last drop. Similar to the Pavilion outlet, the egg here is also a runny soft boiled egg. Our friend also enjoyed her Akamaru Shinaji ramen.

Noodles cooked just right

Flavoured egg

Nice and runny

Headed over to Moo Cow to cool down afterwards

Then for some cakes at Delectable by Su - Belgian cheesecake (RM10)

7 Sins of Chocolate (RM12) - our favorite!

Having fun pretending to be LINE mascots ;)

Price: Total bill rm115.

Location: Hakata Ippudo, T-218, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2201 6238

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  1. I like the Ippudo here and it's interesting to see how the same dishes are executed in Malaysia! :D

  2. yay for ippudo! here's hoping they'll continue to expand to another mall or two this year to spread more of their ramen goodness :D

  3. No, thanks. I'd go for our own local noodles...but that Buta Kara Bun, I want!!! Looks real good!

  4. Yen, looks like there are more & more ramen shop opening in KL. Love the ramen with the flavoured eggs! The kids look so happy, enjoying their dessert.

  5. I've been to one in Taipei (not in Japan or US yet). I was constantly disturbed by their loud greetings (I really don't think we shout that much in Japan but I could be wrong), but the food was pretty good!


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