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Airline Review: Air France Kuala Lumpur - Paris - Aberdeen

It was our first time flying together as a family. We were flying Air France from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Aberdeen (ABZ), transiting at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

We chose Air France because it offers the least number of transits to Aberdeen and having flown with AF/KLM in the past on both economy and business class, we have had nothing but good experiences. We purposely picked a night flight, departing KL International Airport (KLIA) at 23:15 so that our children will be able to sleep for most of the flight.

Excited to see the plane

Keep Calm Kids - It's only a 13 hour flight :P

We flew economy class from KUL, however for some unknown reasons, we couldn't book our seats in advance. Luckily, we were allocated seating together. When flying with children, you can request for kids meal when checking in. They will also be given a kiddies pack - ours contained playing cards, coloring pencils and finger puppets to keep the kids amused.

The kids slept around 6-8 hours, and they were excited with the prospect of being in the plane and busied themselves with the in-flight entertainment. Quite a good selection of cartoon.Before we knew it, we have arrived at Paris airport.

When travelling with kids, it definitely helps to bring their favorite soft toy or even socks that they wear to bed at home (for familiarity) as well as some books and at times like this, the iPad keeps them quite entertained.

Baby D takes his "best friend" on holiday :)

Happy flyers :)

A meal was served after the plane took off, and then breakfast before landing. We did not know that we had to order kids meal before take-off, however kids happily finished off their "adult" meals. The most painful part of our trip was the 4 hour transit in Paris - it was very early in the morning and most shops were not opened yet (though we managed to get Laduree first thing ;)) and it was quite difficult to kill time here (with children) at the airport. We mainly watched planes land and take off.


Playing with her goodie pack

Kiddies pack

Breakfast before we landed

We have arrived at Paris CDG ;) Beautiful sunrise

The smaller E70 aircraft from Paris to Aberdeen

Love them fluffy clouds

Return leg - waiting for our flight in Aberdeen (ABZ) airport

Fortunately for us, we were upgraded to Premium Economy class for our flight back from Paris to Kuala Lumpur. We're thinking that Hubby's frequent flying with AF/KLM made them bump us to Premium Economy. Whatever the reason, we were grateful as Premium Economy comes with much larger legroom, more comfortable seats with adjustable head rests and premium amenities. The children slept almost as soon as we took off all the way to when breakfast is served. I'm a light sleeper on planes, but the comfortable seats definitely makes a difference. Those flying in Premium Economy will also get the choice of champagne (albeit in a plastic cup) as aperitif to their meals.

There are limited number of Premium Economy flights on board, only 3 rows between economy and business class.  It offers you 40% more space than in the Economy cabin, 20% more leg room, and 20% wider seats. The price of tickets is about 40% more than an economy class ticket.

Premium Economy Class seats

The kids slept so well! Grateful for the upgrade :)

Pingu watching over him

Champagne... ;)

Dinner served during our flight

Michel Cluizel chocolates

Light breakfast before landing in KUL airport

Enjoying some in-flight entertainment :D

From our experience, here are some tips on travelling with young children:
1. Choose a night flight so this coincides with their bedtime and the kids can sleep easily on the plane.
2. Bring some entertainment (games and iPad) and books.
3. Bring your children's favorite cuddly toy (or a comfort item) to settle them down in the plane and gives them a sense of familiarity.
4. Choose a flight with less (and short) transits.
5. Bring some sweets that they can suck on in case of ear discomfort during flights.



  1. kiddies pack,,, oh yes i love to play with your kids.

  2. Replies
    1. Travelled to Scotland a few months ago, just had time to write abt it now :)

  3. Great photo of baby d sleeping so peacefully on the plane! I envy that ... I like KLM too, but I find it really difficult to sleep on the long flights, just can't get myself in a comfy position, and I end up arriving all groggy and grumpy, heh...

    1. Ah yes, I find it difficult to sleep on planes too, but the wonders of premium economy/business/first class. Flew first class once on MAS and I slept like a baby! :P

  4. How lovely to get the upgrade! And your kids look like such good, calm travellers which must make things much easier! :D

    1. We were really worried abt the long haul flight, and our children getting cranky and all, but they were really good and enjoyed themselves. And yes, grateful for the upgrade ;)

  5. Sounds like you had a great flight there and back! I hope you had a lovely holiday as well!

  6. Hi! What a great trip you had there! Just wondering whether is the economy seats of AF flight from Kuala Lumpur/Paris comfortable? How was the entertainment system? Thanks :)

  7. Hi! What a great trip you had there! Just wondering whether is the economy seats of AF flight from Kuala Lumpur/Paris comfortable? How was the entertainment system? Thanks :)

    1. Hi there, I would say it is good for economy class and comparable to other airlines such as Malaysia Airlines. The movie selection was good (during our flight).

    2. Thanks for the info.. just another question, is it true that economy class passengers get to go to the 'snack bar' throughout the flight? Really really appreciate your info 😃

    3. Hi there, they do have snacks provided throughout a long haul flight, such as biscuits, chocolates and nuts.

  8. fantastic review. i will go to Paris tomorrow 6 october 2014 by Air France. Im keep looking on the internet about the economy class. luckily i found your blog. the best is your flight was from KL too!


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