Friday, January 25, 2013

CNY 2013: Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel & Residence KL

Chinese New Year is a time for families, friends and co-workers to get together for a reunion dinner. From 14 January to 24 February 2013, Tai Zi Heen will be featuring special Chinese New Year set menus, a la carte dishes and Yee Sang. 

Known for its combination of authentic dishes and modern creation Cantonese fare, Tai Zi Heen at Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur is offering three Chinese New Year set menus specially put together by Chef Michael Wong. The set menus are priced from RM1188++ to RM1888++ per table of 10 persons. 

Toss to a year of new beginnings, luck and prosperity with a selection of Yee Sang is available during this period.  We started off the meal with the Vegetarian Snow Pear Yee Sang, which was refreshing and light.

What I love most about yee sang are the colours! So appetizing.

Snow pear has a nice crunchy texture

The yee sang ceremony begins.

Tossing to a good year... 6th one this year ;)

I found it a little unusual that the Stewed Dried Oyster with Fatt Choy and Lettuce was served after the yee sang, usually this is one of the last courses to be served. Nevertheless, this auspicious dish was delicious, enjoyed the flavorful sauce with the lettuce.

If you do not want to take shark's fin, there is also double boiled soup with abalone, bamboo pith, black mushrooms and vegetables in the RM1888++ set menu. The diced prawns, scallops and grouper gives this soup a lot of textures.

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Diced Prawns, Scallops and Grouper

The roasted chicken dusted with crispy garlic and five spice salt was a favourite with many of us. The chicken meat was moist and the skin was VERY crispy. It makes me wanna eat the skin off the whole chicken. ;) This was served with a sweet plum sauce that goes well with the meat.

During the last CNY review, we got to try this Chef's Special Baked Cod Fish and it was really good. We were served this again this year and I still liked it very much. The topping which is made of garlic, mayo, seasoning, cheese and bacon was very flavorful and went well with the white, flaky cod fish. It was served on a bed of greens and goji berries. I had two big pieces of this fish.. yummy!

Stir Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese-style preserved duck

Dessert was warm almond puree with glutinous rice dumplings and deep fried Chinese New Year cake with thousand layer puff pastry. Not a big fan of almond puree but I ate the glutinous rice dumplings with black sesame filling. The thousand layer puff pastry was really good, the filling is a mix of corn and salted egg yolk. The batter for the nian gao was very pisang goreng-like. :)

Black sesame glutinous rice dumpling

Deep fried Chinese New Year cake (nian gao)


Opening times: Lunch; 12.00 pm - 2.30pm, Dinner; 6.30pm-10.30pm.

Location: Tai Zi Heen, Level 2, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur, 4 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2170 8888


GPS Coordinates: 3.150179, 101.714516


  1. I know I'm naughty but I really like the shark fin soup!

  2. i still think simple deep fried nian gao taste the best!!! ;DD

  3. Such lovely and appetizing pictures!!

    1. Thanks Amrita.. lucky me for getting to try so many delicious dishes.

  4. Sorry to miss this one! I loooove those black seasame rice balls, and that baked cod sounds divine :) A change from steamed fish and you can never go wrong with cheese, bacon, and garlic!

    1. Oh I love the baked cod here... really good. I think I ate the most cod that evening :P

  5. if i were 10 years younger, i think i'd have the robust appetite to finish that entire platter of delicious-looking chicken! :D

  6. Seriously Yen, you ought to start exercising (if you are not already doing it) with so many invitations! :)

    1. Wah Alvin. How did u know I've been putting on too much weight? Fatty bom bom lah!


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