Thursday, September 6, 2012

Martin Yan Debones Chicken in 18 seconds!

Hi everyone, I got to meet one of my cooking idols today, the charismatic Chef Martin Yan. I loved watching him cook on TV when I was a child and I love his catchy tagline "If Yan can cook, you can cook too!".

While I finish editing my photos and writing my post, do enjoy this video of him deboning a whole chicken in less than 18 seconds! Super impressive skills.

Martin Yan cooks in Samplings on the Fourteenth, KL

Video of Martin Yan deboning a chicken in 18 seconds!

Baby Sumo and Martin Yan ;)

Click here for my full post on the dinner/experience of meeting with Chef Martin Yan. :)


  1. Knife must be sharp... All the knives in my house, hmmmm...even the chicken will laugh! LOL!!!

    1. STP, can joke wor.... you also can be a celebrity chef lah!

  2. Replies
    1. So impressive, right? I think I cant even do it in 18 mins LOL!

  3. oh YES! I think he shld be on the Guinness Book of Record for the Fastest record of deboning a chicken... XD

  4. Such amazing work to debone it. I would have cut my fingers and taken an hour>.<

    1. Haha yalo... the way he uses his cleaver to do everything is so amazing!

  5. mad skills! uncle are so genggggg~~


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