Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ragueneau Apple Madeleine from Japan

As a child, we always felt excited when my mum brought home goodies that her Japanese boss or friends would bring us, all the way from Japan. It was usually cakes or French ham or chocolates, ultimately something very different and cannot be found in KL at that time. 

Apple madeleine is one of those cakes we have the pleasure of eating from time to time. When I think of madeleine, cakes shaped like this come in mind. However, these ones from Japan were round, rather than the usual shell-like shape. 

We love them - moist, buttery cake with a nice apple sauce filling (with bits of apple too). The filling is made using large amounts of fresh sweet and sour apples, and it tastes lovely. I looked up the manufacturer and it looks like they make a lot of cakes / pastries with apples as the centerpiece.

Great with a cup of tea :)


Full set of photos available to view here.

Website: http://www.rag-s.com


  1. YUMS!!! seriously...it looks really good!

  2. ooo, i didn't quite realize that madeleines could be packaged this way. always assumed they were like cupcakes, that they had to be eaten relatively fresh within a few days. does look tempting, definitely =)

  3. Melissa: Yeah lo... always finish very fast after we open the box!

  4. Sean: They dont keep for very long, maybe 1-2 weeks only. But we always finish a box in 2 days haha!


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