Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Sumo

Baby Sumo aka Baby C and Baby D's Mummy has been celebrating her birthday today. 

Baby C, Baby D and I had prepared some cards for the birthday girl.

Early this morning Baby C and Baby D wrote a special Birthday Greeting for their mummy in the sand pit.

They took great delight in getting their hands dirty for a very good cause..

A special birthday cake for Baby Sumo, put together by yours truly :)

Delicious macarons and chocolates by Chef Holger from Mandarin Cake Shop and chocolate chip cookie from Doubletree by Hilton :)

 Baby Sumo and her birthday cake.. 

Baby C and her chocolate topped macaron treat

Thank you for all the wishes throughout today - Happy Birthday Baby Sumo xx


  1. A beautiful family and beautiful desserts ... important ingredients for a beautiful birthday, rite! Happy birthday, ya! :D

  2. happie birthday baby sumo!
    ur kids are cute!!! can i cubit them? :P

  3. the macaroons tempting :p

    Happy Birthday :D

  4. you're a November baby too! like my sister!

  5. Happy Birthday Baby Sumo..What a nice way to have that kind of B'day cake...I guess...those are ur favorite rite?? Oh ya..I can see Baby D is growing fast! =)

  6. Happy birthday darling! Loved the picture of Baby D checking out his fingers after playing with sand. Such a classic! hehe Here's to many many more happy birthdays to come!

  7. CUTE looking kids you have there...


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