Monday, November 14, 2011

Cakes Galore @ A Slice of Heaven, Jaya One

Good morning all! I hope you're all very well but IF you're facing Monday Blues, what better way to cure it than with these pretty (and delicious) cakes from A Slice of Heaven.

The chocolate peanut buttercup is possibly Baby C's favorite. The cake is really moist and complemented really well by the salty peanut butter. Yums!

 Chocolate Peanut Buttercup (RM8.40)

The dark chocolate mousse in the Death by Chocolate was rich and not too sweet, I think this was my favorite amongst all.

Death By Chocolate (RM9.90)

So far, Baby C and I have got our favorites. The strawberry cheesecake was my mum's favorite, the cheesecake was not super dense or rich, making this an extremely pleasing cake to savour. Love that there are so many fresh and sweet strawberries topped on the cake.

Strawberry Cheese (RM9.90)

I love eclairs, used to get them very easily at supermarkets in UK. First time for me eating a chocolate eclair (usually I have the classic one with fresh cream). The pastry was rather nice and we finished this in like 3 bites! :P

Chocolate eclairs (RM2.60)

Tiramisu (RM9.90)

Vanilla cupcake (RM7.40)

A Slice of Heaven is located at Jaya One, Bangsar Shopping Centre, and Pavilion. A new store will be opening at Terrace Hock Choon on 18th November 2011.


  1. gosh, perfect-looking cupcakes. i'm one of those people who enjoy the frosting more than the cakes, so this would be the one for me, with its generous creamy topping! :D

  2. ooh new cake store opening near! terrace hock choon. my dad is sucker for all things chocolate and cake so he's so going to dig into this!

  3. Sean: I think you'll like the chocolate peanut buttercup one.. the frosting is lovelyyyyy!

  4. Michelle: They also have a store in Pavilion, if u ever go shopping there ;)

  5. And you really can't beat their Chocolate Durian - my fave durian product ever! :D

    P.S. You. Know. Stanley! Wow!

  6. They look sinfully good but the price is such a killer ):

  7. Their cakes are awesome but I find it a bit too pricey. BTW, it was nice meeting you and your hubby at Pantry Magic.

  8. I like the cream cheese choco cake....... good when in lil cup cake form but not so in 1kg cake form.

  9. What beautiful photography. And of course their cakes are heavenly lor;)

  10. seductive desserts!! Guess...i'll be liking 'Death By Chocolate' oso la... ^_^

  11. oh..those cakes really take my breath away~~

  12. Oh yumm! Definitely need those to perk up the monday blues! But just have to beware of the sugar level!

  13. The one with the silver balls is my fav. A bit far for me to travel to.


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