Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Skills Test @ Malaysia's Blogger MasterChef Semi-Finals

For the first semi-finals, the contestants were asked to cook poached eggs as part of the Skills Test. I never expected them to test us on the same thing during the second semi-finals too. I've only made poached eggs a few times, but I did practice making poached egg last week with a little help from Delia Smith's cookbook. 

But for those who's never cooked a poached egg before, Chef Ryan Khang demonstrated how this was done before the Skills Test began. He made it look so easy and effortless (I guess it's easy when you know how it's done..) but the way he showed us was a little different from the way I have been practicing all week. So, basically it's my first time making a poached egg using this method too!

Everyone listening attentively.. vinegar is required for this task

Also a whisk for creating a vortex

Steady hands so the poached egg doesn't break while you flip the egg white over the yolk

Nice one! 

So after the demo, it was our turn to cook. We were given 4 eggs each, higher points will be awarded to those who are able to prepare 4 poached eggs. I haven't even started and I was facing some problems with my induction hob. The larger ring refused to work, so I ended up having to use the smaller ring and the water took ages to boil. So I managed to only get 1 poached egg done in the allocated time.

Poached egg in progress

Apple assisted poached egg

So this is the poached egg I made... 

And it's judging time again

Basically for this round, the judge will just take a look at the egg and if it looks like a poached egg, then you're fine. I just garnished my poached egg with some mint leaves and specks of pepper.

Most of the contestant's poached eggs

Next, the results for both tests are added and the winners are announced.

Click here to view the full set of photos.


The actual cooking show, MasterChef Malaysia premieres on 22nd October 2011 at 9.00pm on Astro Ria (Channel 104). It will air every Saturday - Wednesday and the Master Class will be on every Friday 9.00pm.

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  1. gosh, i lurrrvvvve poached eggs, but i've never had to make one before (and i hope i never will!) :D

  2. Sean: Hehe the best way to eat poached eggs is with shaved summer truffles yeah!!!


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