Friday, September 9, 2011

Tai Thong Mooncakes 2011

This will be my final post on mooncakes for 2011. Just a reminder to everyone, Mid-Autumn Festival this year falls on 12 September 2011, so get your lanterns, mooncakes and Chinese tea ready to celebrate this occasion.

Tai Thong mooncakes were some of the first ones we tried this year. They are very accessible, hence you can find them at almost any supermarket which stocks mooncakes. We got ours from Jusco Bandar Mahkota Cheras; there wasn't any sampling available so we just picked a few random flavours which are their bestsellers to try.

Both the traditional baked mooncake that we tried were too sweet for our liking. The sugar level in the snowskin varieties seem to be slightly lower. We like salted egg yolks in our mooncakes, but the ones in the Tai Thong mooncakes were too dry and did not have any distinctive taste.

Of the 4 types that we tried, the snow skin yam paste single yolk (RM15) was my favorite. The yam paste filling was quite smooth, not too sweet but unfortunately the yolk was disappointing.

Snow skin yam paste single yolk

Hard and dry salted egg yolk

The Jade Custard (RM15) is one of Tai Thong's bestsellers but we found it far too sweet and made us cringe everytime we took a bite.

Filling was quite smooth but too sweet

The Snow Skin Black Sesame & Green Beans (RM15) with Cheese sounded interesting on paper. The black sesame taste was quite prevalent and not too sweet.

The Lotus Paste Double Yolk (RM16) was the most disappointing of the lot. Not only is the filling ultra sweet, the salted egg yolk was really dry and hard. You can see for yourself in the photo below.

See how dry the salted egg yolk is

Verdict: Tai Thong has many other flavours which we have not tried, but based on the 4 mooncakes that we tried (3 are Tai Thong's bestsellers), it was a rather disappointing experience.

Full set of photos available to view here.

Available in most major supermarkets.


  1. oops, i would have thought that with tai thong's established and respected brand name, they'd have one of the better mooncakes on the market. but never mind, you still managed to taste many other great mooncakes this year :D

  2. Devil CK really likes their Snowy Snowskin... strong almond flavour that he loves (but not to my taste, personally haha).

  3. near already mooncake festival. Busy with Raya till forgot :p

  4. Sean: Maybe we just didn't pick the right flavours. But Tai Thong is undeniably one of the more popular mooncake brands around.

  5. Moon cake festival seems to have gone up market since I left KL but these look so good, especially with the egg yolk in the centre!

  6. Kenny: Oh we didnt try that since they didnt have that in stock when we bought ours.

  7. Small Kucing: Must rmbr to buy lantern for yr boy to play ah :)

  8. Unfortunately these didnt taste as good as it looked.

  9. can i have some? I'm sure you have extras at home right? hehe

  10. Isaac: Haha of cos got.... went out to get some yesterday since MidAutumn Festival in 2 days time :) But not this brand la.

  11. That Snow Skin Black Sesame & Green Beans looks unique and interesting! :D i <3 mooncakes! followed u btw! :)


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