Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zing Cantonese Restaurant, Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

*Update: Zing Cantonese Restaurant has been renamed as  Lai Ching Yuen. 

Group buying sites seem to have mushroomed in Malaysia in the last year, so much so that I can't keep up with all the sites available. More often than not, we read about certain buyer's disappointing experience with some of the deals they have purchased, hence I am cautious and would only buy deals which I have confidence in. The deal on Groupon for Zing Restaurant located in Grand Millennium Hotel was just too hard to resist.

What gave me confidence to buy this deal was that firstly the restaurant was in a 5- star hotel in KL, and secondly I have seen some reviews on the food being served for this deal and it looked pretty promising.

The deal: 6-course fine dining Chinese dinner at Zing, Grand Millennium Hotel for RM39 instead of RM102.08. (62% off)

Making a reservation for this deal was a breeze, I just had to email the hotel 2 days in advance stating my preferred date and time and then turn up at the restaurant. First impressions when we stepped into Zing restaurant was that the decor was very regal and classy. So far so good.

Dim sum / dessert counter

Comfortable seats

The deal included free flow of Chinese tea.

Zing serves traditional Cantonese cuisine, masterfully fabricated by a chef with over 25 years of experience. We started off with an appetizer platter, which consisted of Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Salad Wanton, Stir Fried Squid with XO sauce and Stir Fried Kong Pao Chicken, all immaculately prepared. My favorite was the deep fried soft shell crab.

With this deal, children under 6 dine for free. To my surprise, Baby C was served a full adult portion. Very generous of them.

Deliciously crisp soft shell crab

Next up was the Roasted Meat Platter. The portion may look small, but it was enough to get a taste of everything and anticipate the next 4 courses. We loved the roast duck and siew yuk (roast pork), but the char siew (BBQ pork) was a little too dry and lean for our liking. The roast duck was flavoursome and very succulent, whereas the siew yuk had a very nice crackling. Definitely Baby C's favorite dish of the evening.

Excellent siew yuk with crispy crackling (roast pork)

Char siew was too lean for us

The Stewed Soon Hock Fish with Bean Puff and Whole Garlic was our least favorite of the evening. There was nothing wrong with the preparation, in fact we liked the sauce but disliked the fact that the fish was too bony, hence making it very difficult for us to enjoy. We spent a lot of time picking the bones off the flesh.

Soon hock, better known as marble goby
The braised homemade beancurd was topped with a huge bouncy scallop much to our delight. The beancurd was silky smooth and was complemented by a delicious sauce.

Braised homemade beancurd with stir fried scallop and garden greens

A tummy filler, we had to pack one plate of the egg noodles home since we were stuffed by now. We don't like wasting food.

Stir Fried Egg Noodles with Shredded Honey BBQ Pork and Soya Sauce

The Sweetened Potato Soup with Glutinous Rice Dumpling (tong yuen) was a sweet (and warm) ending to the meal.
Tong yuen with black sesame filling

While we were enjoying our desserts, Baby C enjoyed her cupcake from Delectable Su, Pavilion KL. Guess which part of the cupcake she ate first?

Zing Restaurant

Verdict: Great ambience and lovely food. I definitely wouldn't mind coming here again should another great deal like this arise. My only complaint was that the dishes were served too quickly, sometimes before we finished the previous dish, the next course was placed on the table next to us and it got cold before we got around to eating it.

Full set of photos available to view here.


Service: Good.

Opening times: Lunch; Monday to Friday 12.00pm - 2.30pm, Sat & Sun 11.00am - 2.30pm. Dinner; 6.30pm - 10.30pm daily.

Location: Zing Cantonese Restaurant, Grand Millennium Hotel, 160 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2117 4180

GPS Coordinates: 3.147694, 101.712338

Join their Facebook page here. Click here for their full a la carte menu.


  1. Char siew should never be too lean, in my opinion. A nice balance of lean and fatty meats makes for a happy char siew camper like you and me. Hehe.

  2. looks like a reasonable deal for that price, especially since it's a complete meal at a good chinese restaurant. the full price of RM102 might have been a bit too much :D

  3. thats the way restaurants should treat the vouchers, with no corners cut and ensuring that they deliver an experience that will make the customer come back, not run the other way around!

  4. Baby C ate the ribbon first???
    oh, i never like char siew that comes too lean. i like the one with 60% fats n 40% lean meat. hehe

  5. The ribbon! If i were a child, I would eat the ribbon :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Kenny: Hehe you're right. Which is why I only eat char siew from a few places in KL.

  8. Sean: Yeah it was a pretty good deal, at least it gave me a chance to try out this restaurant since their usual prices are quite high.

  9. Joe: Yeah I dont get some restaurants, why do they serve their customers crap food with those deals... the whole idea of deals is so customers can try their food and then come back for more next time.

  10. Ai Wei & Michelle: Yeah ribbon first followed by the head lol. She loves eating fondant. :S

  11. Ah, i tried this set before.. it's not bad. Value for money lor;)

  12. Ciki: Yeah defo value for money. Plus the ambience is really nice.

  13. Had this set before, love the appetizer platter :)


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