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Agehan Japanese Restaurant @ Grand BlueWave Hotel, Shah Alam, Selangor

Japanese food is something I enjoy eating very much and we are constantly on the look out for eateries serving this cuisine in KL / Selangor. We recently had a wonderful meal at Agehan Japanese Restaurant in the 5-star Grand Blue Wave Hotel in Shah Alam, thanks to an invite from iamthewitch. The restaurant has a simple setup; several VIP rooms for those wanting privacy, a sushi bar, or just regular wooden tables in the main dining area. Diners will be happy to learn that the kitchen in Agehan is helmed by a Japanese chef.

Lots of wood in the decor

Sashimi... one of my favorite dishes in a Japanese restaurant. The sashimi here was exactly how I liked it; fresh, firm and in thick cuts. The portion was also generous, with 6-7 slices of each type. Definitely enough for 3-4 persons to share. There was octopus (tako), salmon (shake), mackarel (saba), tuna (akami) and butterfish. The one that stood out for me most was the salmon, since it was quite fatty, hence had the lovely melt in the mouth texture. I also enjoyed the butterfish and octopus.

Sashimi moriawase - Large (4 pax) (RM165)

Edamame (RM8)- great for snacking

I usually tend to avoid sushi in Japanese restaurant because rice fills me up really quickly. The Nigiri Sushi Moriawase platter was skilfully prepared and consisted of toppings such as salmon, tuna, squid (ika) and octopus topped on a small mound of vinegared rice (shari). A plus point is the nigiri sushi here is offered in bite-size portions hence we could easily pop them into our mouth. This platter also included some maki sushi such as chopped tuna maki sushi and ikura sushi. I didn't hesitate having two of the ikura sushi since I love salmon roe.

Nigiri Sushi Moriawase - Large (RM80)

The glass carafe in which the sake was served was definitely pretty. It had a pocket to store ice to keep the sake chilled. Between the cold and warm sake, we preferred the former, it was quite mild and pleasantly smooth on the palate.

Nihon Sakari Kire Aji Sake (RM32 per 250ml)

The agedashi tofu was deep fried to a golden brown, and then topped with bonito flakes and spring onions. Crisp exterior with a smooth silky centre, it is a simple yet satisfying dish.

Agedashi tofu (RM10)

The Tori Katsu (deep fried chicken) was coated in a light batter, crispy and not too oily. Perfect snack with beer.

Tori Katsu (RM21)

Wasn't a big fan of the grilled mackarel since I found it a little too fishy for my liking. My fellow diners seem to enjoy it though.

Saba Shioyaki (RM21)

One of my favorite dishes of the evening was the Tempura Moriawase (RM30) with an assortment of battered vegetables and fresh succulent prawns. Again, the batter was light, crisp and non-oily, though presentation wise it could have been slightly better.

The Kaki Furai (deep fried oyster) was surprisingly good, and I did not mind eating two of these although I'm not usually a big fan of oysters.

Kaki Furai (RM21)

Another old favorite, California Temaki (RM10), with cucumber, crabstick, avocado and tobiko.

Tori Katsu Don (Chicken cutlet with scrambled egg on rice) - RM24

Grilled shishamo (a.k.a. pregnant fish or capeline roe fish) - RM16

For a sweet ending, we had matcha ice-cream (RM10) topped with red bean and a wafer. Simply delicious.
Agehan Japanese Restaurant

Verdict: Authentic Japanese cuisine which is well-prepared with fresh, good quality ingredients.

Current promotion: 15% off if you pay with your American Express card. All you can eat dinner buffet on Friday (RM65++) and Saturday (RM59++).

Full set of photos available to view here. Join Grand BlueWave Hotel's Facebook Page here.

Opening times: Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm; Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm. Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays.


Service: Good.

Location: Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Level 1A, Grand BlueWave Hotel, Persiaran Perbandaran, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Tel: 03- 5511 8811

GPS Coordinates: 3.073559, 101.522813


  1. During my visit to Tokyo, I had warm sake. Really nice and warming during winter time.

  2. ah, the tori katsu don looks nice!!! some of the japanese restaurants in kl should be shipped over to melbourne!

  3. the pregnant fish is simply delicious, one of the must when we dine at Jap restaurants.

  4. Love the first pic of the sake casks. Devil's quite a lover of sashimi too, and quite particular also. :P

  5. gosh, i'm always frightened when i see sashimi prices, especially at the hotel outlets. i guess as usual, the dinner buffet would be a worthwhile option to gorge on sashimi, considering the a la carte cost! :D

  6. i love chilled sake but warm one is great during the winter :)

  7. Michelle: Oh no, Melbourne also hard to find good Jap food?

  8. Nava.K: Yeah we love pregnant fish too!

  9. Kenny: Thanks very much. Sashimi is so expensive in KL / Malaysia though :(

  10. Sean: Tell me about it... I'm always scared to order sashimi moriawase in Jap restaurants cos its so expensive.

    I really loved the Hanare buffet.. can still rmbr the toro..nom nom nom.. hope they will bring back the buffet soon.

  11. Ai Wei: I really like the carafe it is served in. So pretty!

  12. Hi Baby Sumo
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.


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