Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Restoran TC Keong, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

My first ever post on this blog is on TC Keong, our favorite tai chow place in Seremban. However, the lack of a good camera at that time did not do the food here much justice, hence we revisited this restaurant twice during the 3 days we were in Seremban recently for some Chinese food loving. These are just a few of our favorite dishes here, which we order on a regular basis. There are many good dishes here, you can always check out their whiteboard menu or ask for recommendations.

Our favorite dish here, the stir fry beef with ginger, spring onions and oyster sauce

We used to frequent this place at least once or twice a week, we sorely miss this place now that we have moved to KL. I have been eating here since I was 3 years old, well not this particular shop, but the chef/owner of this shop used to cook alongside his brother in another shop in Temiang called "Dai Shue Tau" (literally meaning under the big tree, very common name for restaurants which are located under a big tree). One of the specialties in that particular shop was the steamed carp fish head (soong yee), and my father's friends from KL used to drive all the way down and would order a fish each. Previously, the mother of the owner (the fish expert), helps out and cooks the steamed fish at the other branch but during our recent visit, we noticed that she is helping out here now.

During our first visit, I was shocked to see how busy the restaurant was at lunchtime. Although we dine here on a regular basis, this was our first time having lunch here. I usually come in the evenings as it is cooler, but since we had prior dinner arrangements this time, we had to make do with lunch. Baby C kept herself amused with the fishies swimming about in the tank before our food arrived.

Oh-oh, one of you is going to be our lunch today :P

One of our must order dishes here is the stir fry beef with ginger, spring onion and oyster sauce. The beef is achingly tender and delicious. On this ocassion, I was also craving for some noodles, so we ordered the Beef Wat Tan Hor (noodles with egg gravy), which substitutes the pork with beef strips. More of that tender beef for us.

My mum loves the Stir Fry Kangkung with Belacan here. Give her this and she will be a very happy woman.

Baby C's favorite is the Deep Fried Red Tilapia (hoong fei chau), which we order almost everytime we come here. Believe it or not, she can eat almost 1/2 the fish on her own. Nice and crispy and as fresh as it can get.

Baby C enjoying her fish!

On our second visit here, we had the Sweet and Sour Pork. Great comfort food, simple yet so delicious. Coated in a crispy batter and appetizing sauce, it was very addictive.

Since my mum and I are not big on carp fish head, we ordered the Steamed Tilapia in Cheong Ching sauce which they serve up with the carp. The sauce is the secret ingredient here, and what makes this dish so good.

And not to be missed, the beef again.

And some vegetables to balance it all out. I am fond of the Stir Fry Beansprouts with Salted Fish and Stir Fry Sweet Potato Leaves (shue miu) with Garlic and Cili Padi.

Prices are very affordable here, but most importantly the food is absolutely delicious. If you ever find yourselves in Seremban, do give this place a try. On weekends, it is advisable to call in advance to reserve a table if you're turning up after 7 pm.

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 12.00 to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 10.30pm. Closed on Sundays.

Price: Dependent on portion size, but a meal including fish, 2 meat and 2 vegetables usually cost around RM50-60.

Location: TC Keong Restaurant, No. 7 Ground Floor, Jalan Seri Rahang 1, Taman Seri Rahang, 70100 Seremban (near Cosway)

Tel: 012-6118286 / 012-6189960

GPS Coordinates: 2.717239, 101.948973


  1. heheh, the fish look pretty cute when they're still alive. and baby c looks like an adorable kid too :d

  2. I love hong fei zhou with assam sauce although my relatives don't eat them. they only eat expensive fish. however, for me hong fei zhou is like a diamond. i mean, i'm 4000 miles away and hong fei zhou is pretty impossible to ask atm.

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  5. Michelle: I only like hong fei zhou when its deep fried! Kinda takes the fishy smell away.

  6. everything looks so yummy, esp the veges.

  7. there's only one way to eat great chinese daichow fish.. it has to be swimming just minutes before it is cooked! You daughter is a darling!!

  8. love these kinda dai chow places, the food is usually great and priced reasonably too

  9. Oo.. the beef looks heavenly leh. We went to Seremban in the morning the other day. Next time if we go to Seremban must find this shop to makan. I like the look of the beef.

  10. Thank you for the recommendations. My spider and I visit Seremban once our twice yearly.

    Wah Ng


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