Friday, February 11, 2011

Mini gathering @ Regent Restaurant, Seremban

We made a trip back to Seremban yesterday to meet up with some friends and have dinner together at Regent Restaurant.

The restaurant was packed with people, since many companies were still having their annual "sau gong" dinners (appreciation year end dinners). The food service was all over the place, with dishes arriving simultaneously resulting in our food getting cold before we even got through our second course. Nevertheless, the food was tasty. The selection of dishes for the Four Happiness was good, I particularly enjoyed the prawn and fish paste wrapped in deep fried fu chuk (beancurd) skin. I think the boys favorite was the Nam Yue Pai Kuat (Deep fried ribs marinated in red fermented beancurd). The House Special Tofu was also worthwhile, silky smooth tofu topped with a dried scallop, mushroom and Chinese wine gravy.

Thank you to SW, M, J, and SY for the great company; it was great catching up (and gossiping) and sharing my first yee sang toss with you all. Here's to more luck, more love, Dragon baby(s), a new job and more money in 2011.

Yee sang (RM28)

Toss toss toss... and shouting out lots of auspicious wishes for 2011

A symbol of prosperity and abudance

Four Happiness platter (RM90)

Sea cucumber, fish maw and mushroom (RM60)

Nam Yue Pai Kuat (RM28)

House Special Tofu (RM25)

House Special Sang Meen Noodles (RM15)

To read more about the restaurant, please click here and here.

Location: Regent Restaurant (Seremban) Sdn Bhd, 2390 - 2395 Taman Labu Utama, Jalan Sungai Ujong, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: 606-7639909

GPS Coordinates: 2.719639, 101.920896


  1. aww..i miss out the gathering!!why not having it during the weekend?

  2. I had a gathering with my friends too. Except for, I held it at home. :)

  3. Manji: Tossed many yee sangs this year already?

  4. wjingyi: Hey Jing Yi! Had to organize this on a weekday bcos SY was flying back tonight. Maybe we can organize another one sometime soon?

  5. Michelle: It's lovely getting to spend time with good friends. When are you flying back to Aus?

  6. Looks like a tasty feast. But it only struck me this year that the four seasons platters seem to have become really pricey. I had one that was rm120 in puchong, but it just seemed to comprise regular, inexpensive ingredients. I'm wondering why it should cost double of what lap Mei fan, for example, costs...

  7. Sean: Yeah, I was surprised when the bill came - I had the Four Happiness last year at CNY here and it was only RM60.


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