Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trufflina, Guylian Belgian Chocolates

Chocolates are hard to resist at the best of times. I found myself passing through some airport duty free shopping zones this Christmas time and succumbing to the "buy me, buy me" cries I heard from the Trufflina display area.

Several different chocolatiers offer chocolate truffles - these Guylian Trufflina ones are pleasant. I'm a repeat customer :-)

They are available in a metal presentation tin of 32 pieces....

... and also packaged as 8 pieces in a cardboard box.

They come in pairs of white chocolate, and triplets of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate shells, however the inner filling is the same regardless of the outer shell.

The white chocolate truffle is often first to go when a new box is opened in our household. Personally I like to store these beauties in the fridge, letting them out prior to consumption to soften them a little. If stored at room temperature in Malaysia I find them to be too soft, others may prefer them soft I guess.

So, which chocolate do you love indulging in?


  1. Strange. I don't hear "buy me, buy me" but I certainly do hear something.

    "Eat me, eat me, eat me, you know you want to... EAT ME..."


  2. white chocolate truffle is my favourite :P

  3. Not a fan of chocolate but I prefer white chocolate :P


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