Monday, August 23, 2010

Daniel Rebert Macarons

In Paris, a patissier is judged on his macarons and the current undisputed master is Pierre Hermé. Unfortunately, being in KL means I can only look in jealousy (and not taste!) at pictures of delicious Pierre Hermé macarons that The Unc sent me from his holiday in Paris.

Infiniment Caramel Pierre Hermé macarons

Inside the Pierre Hermé shop in Paris

On his trip back to Malaysia this time, he bought back a dozen of Daniel Rebert Macarons (from Wissembourg, France) which he acquired from a patisserie, called Macaron in Erlangen. Not quite Pierre Hermé, but I embraced his gift.

Macarons are characterised by a smooth domed top, ruffled circumference and flat base with a light and airy interior. These macarons were exactly that.

They're oh-so pretty and colourful, with delightful and unique flavours such as lychee-French raspberry (litchi-framboise), violet blackcurrant-grapefruit with Campari (violette-cassis pamplemousse Campari), tangerine-pink peppercorns (mandarine-baies roses), caramel with salted butter (caramel beurre sale), lemon hazelnut (citron noisette), and chocolate with passion fruit (chocolat-passion).

So good that we devoured them all in a single sitting

More macarons, please?

Website for Daniel Rebert:

Website for Macaron, Erlangen:


  1. wow...all the way from Paris. Lucky you

  2. smallkucing: Yeah they're really nice! Now I want to try the macarons in KL and see how they compare..


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