Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chinoz, The Gardens

After a long morning of shopping at Robinson's, we were tired and in dire need of feeding. Chinoz, which happens to be right next door to Robinson's seem like a good place to sit down, rest our feet and fill our stomachs. Besides, the 3-course set lunch at RM30++ per person looked like a pretty good deal to me.

chinoz at The Gardens

The gorgeous view from below

There were 2 menus to choose from; finally, we decided to try both since Hubby wanted the starter from one menu and the main from another and vice versa.

A choice of soft drink or Ice Lemon Tea with the set lunch - we both settled for the ILT. The ILT here is refreshing and not too sweet.

My starter was a clam chowder with a foccacia crisp - the chowder was very rich and velvety and really delicious to eat, and to my pleasant surprise there were quite a few bits of clam in there. (Sometimes you order a soup and it's just soup although the name suggests that it might have bits in it)

Hubby had the Aragula, dried tomato, olive and feta cheese salad. I am not a big fan of salads, but Hubby said the salad was good - light and healthy!

For the main course, I secretly wanted Hubby's Beef Wellington served with mashed potato, steamed vegetables and a peppercorn sauce but I let him have it instead since he patiently spent all morning shopping with me (and cos I love him :-P) .

The beef wellington was really good - the pastry was buttery, light and flaky. The beef was tender and complimented well by the peppery sauce.

I had the Penne with chicken meatballs and aubergine in a light creamy tomato sauce. I found the tomato sauce too tangy for my liking.

Both menus offered the same dessert, Baked apple and dates crumble with almond vanilla ice cream. The warm crumble and cold ice cream combination was wonderful.

Service: Good.
Price: Good value for money. I didn't expect the food to be this good for RM30 in The Gardens. Only the pasta dish disappointed slightly.

Location: Chinoz at The Gardens, G212 Ground Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Yums!! The penne and the Beef Wellington looks so good!! :D

  2. lindy: Yeah! The beef wellington is really good!!

  3. lol..i was there yesterday evening! read my post :-)

  4. jfook: yeah, it looked and tasted good!

    ohmywtf: haha yeah, i visited your blog edi!


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