Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young Cheng Restaurant, London

I was adamant not to dine in a Chinese restaurant during our trip in London. Especially since I just came from Malaysia, where 6 out of 7 meals consist of Chinese cooking.

Ironically, one very cold evening close to dinnertime, we found ourselves in Chinatown, very hungry and lazy. Yes, cold weather tends to bring out the laziness in us.

There was a very long queue outside Four Seasons Restaurant. On a hot summer's night, I might have joined in the queue for some of the famed roast duck but definitely not tonight. As we walked past some other Chinese restaurants, it was laughable to see the charred meat they tried to sell off as siew yuk.

We headed towards Young Cheng Restaurant, located in one of the back lanes of Chinatown. Only 7pm and the place was packed full of people. This was one of the Chinese restaurants I frequented back in my student days. It is not unusual to find people queuing for a table in the narrow walkway. Luckily for us, a few other couples were finishing their food so we didn't have to wait too long.

A bowl of hot steaming corn and crabmeat soup for Hubby to warm up the body while we wait for our other courses to arrive. One of those soups which you have to eat really quick before it gets cold and become starch-like. (Well, a little like the cheap shark fin soups you get in Malaysia)

One of our must have dishes here is the crispy aromatic duck. Crispy aromatic duck is a variant of Peking duck, which is actually invented by the Chinese community in UK. The flavoursome shredded meat topped with the crispy skin is pure delight. The meat is wrapped in pancake skin, with some spring onions, cucumber and hoisin sauce. It is so good that as soon as I finished one, I wanted another!

Our waiter expertly shredding the duck meat in front of us

My other favorite from this restaurant are the scallops stir fried with mixed vegetables. They were pretty generous with the scallops offering so I left the restaurant a happy woman.

Egg fried rice as accompaniment to the scallops

Service: Efficient.

Price: £25 for two persons.

Location: Young Cheng Restaurant, 22 Lisle Street, London, WC2H 7BA

Nearest tube: Leicester Square


  1. u manage to fly bac since mostly all flights are cancelled....

    nanged u. Want to listen Siti Nurhaliza sings Chinese songs? nang this!

  2. Actually I was in London in Dec 09 but never had time to blog about it. :-P

  3. looks good.. when i was in London (also in December 09 haha) i didnt dine outside.. coz i was living with my friend's aunt.. we ate free most of the time.. haha.. just went visiting places.. =)

  4. 唯有穿鞋的人,才知道鞋的哪一處擠腳......................................................

  5. kenwooi: sometimes when go travelling, need to try the food in that country.. new experiences :-)


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