Friday, November 27, 2009

Japanese Brunch @ Royale Bintang Seremban

Recently, we saw a huge banner advertising 'Japanese Brunch available at Royale Bintang Seremban on Sundays'. Since it is brunch, one would expect the buffet to start before 12 noon.. but upon checking their website, we discovered that the Japanese Brunch is available from 12-4pm.

So, we went for their Japanese Brunch one Sunday. After seeing the crowd at the Japanese Buffet in Yuri, Klana Resort, I was expecting a huge crowd here too but there were only perhaps 40 people the whole afternoon. The Japanese Brunch is served at Asiatique, their all day dining restaurant.

Chawanmushi is one of my favorite appetizers, however the chawanmushi here is very disappointing. Served in bowls and left to cool in the open is not a good idea.

Cold soba

Raw oysters

An assortment of cold starters
Tier 1- crabstick salad, Tier 2 - chuka idako (baby octopus), Tier 3- chuka wakame (seaweed salad)
Octopus (tako), grilled unagi and crabsticks (not so nice-octopus has a very chewy texture)

Salmon and tuna sashimi (very fresh - good!)

Assortment of sushi

Ebi sushi

Salmon sushi (the salmon sashimi is nicer; meatier and tastier)

Steamed salmon in teriyaki sauce

Black pepper grilled chicken (yakitori) - this is nice.

Grilled fish - quite salty and lots of tiny bones

Udon - tasty

Tempura - I prefer the tempura at Yuri, freshly cooked with a light batter. The batter here has gone soggy as it has been left out for too long.

At least they had a teppanyaki counter.

You can order either beef, squid, or chicken and it will be cooked on the spot for you.

Sizzling hot!

The final result.. beef teppanyaki... very tender beef!

Make your own ais kacang

My favorite section... desserts!


Tiramisu - not bad

This reminds me of the cheese cake from Jusco.

Marble cheese cake - this is yum!

Meringues - so bad for you, but so nice!

More Cakes

Someone asked if I was a photographer because I went around snapping all the food pictures. *lol*

Note: Although the Japanese Brunch was supposed to run til 4pm, due to low numbers they informed us that they were stopping service at 2.30pm. Not so good for people who turned up at 2pm!

Read more about the Royale Bintang buffets here.

Comfort: Seating wise, Asiatique is much more spacious.

Food: Overall, the food quality is not as good compared to the Japanese Buffet at Yuri. Yuri's food is more authentic, because it is afterall a Japanese Restaurant. And, if we didn't have Adelphi Gold card, then it is cheaper to go to Yuri.

Price: RM55 nett per person.

Location: The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa Seremban, Jalan Dato' A.S. Dawood, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel: 06-7666 666

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