Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Manhattan Fish Market, Jusco S2

We have walked past the Manhattan Fish Market restaurant many times, but have never dined here. We decided to give it a go today.

We ordered the Platter For Two (RM47.90) off their "Great Value Set Lunches". The dish consists of a whole seabass, mussels, prawns and whitebait. For a chain restaurant, the seabass was huge and surprisingly fresh - the fish was deep fried and topped with a delicious garlic butter sauce. The seabass was undoubtedly my favorite.

There were 4 half shell mussels, also topped with garlic butter sauce. The flaming prawns are supposingly one of their award winners, I think it was topped with cheese and they torch it with a flame just before they serve you. There isn't much meat in them, you have to work hard and scrape for some prawn flesh, but whatever you get is tasty. The whitebait was crispy but I find them quite tiny compared to the ones I've had in the UK before.

This set lunch is served with 3 side dishes - garlic butter rice, chips and coleslaw. All very nice.

The set lunch also comes with 2 lemon lime drinks, which was very refreshing.

Set lunch is available Mon-Fri 12noon-3pm.

Location: The Manhattan Fish Market, Jusco Seremban 2.

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