Friday, July 10, 2009

Basler Lackerli

A treat not to be missed when visiting Basel. We got our lackerli from Confiserie Schiesser, Basel's oldest cafe on the Marktplatz (opposite the "Rathaus" city hall). The shop also sells chocolate (really expensive ones as they are the no.1 chocolatiers in town!). Try not to buy lackerli from "unknown shops" as they taste rather inferior to the original.

This is how the Basel city hall looks like.

Lackerli is a traditional spice biscuit made of honey, almonds, candied peel, and Kirsch. The texture is very similar to that of a gingerbread. You can taste (and smell) the spice with every bite. We finished the whole pack in a day! Lovely.

Location: Confiserie Schiesser, Marktplatz 19, CH-4051, Basel, Switzerland


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