Monday, November 23, 2015

Zurich Protect Your True Love

I am very fortunate to have found and married my true love, someone who protects me and helps me flourish.  Together, we have formed a family of our own and have been blessed with two beautiful children.  During married life our relationship has continued to grow and together we now experience great satisfaction from sharing our love and providing protection for our children, #babysumokids.

As a parent, the desire to provide the best for my children in life, support and protect them is strong. When they were ready to take their first steps, we were there to watch over them and guide them. When they were ready to embark on their schooling journey, we as parents provided the best education we can afford.

Zurich provides insurance solutions that cater to the changing needs of Malaysians. When you truly love someone, you would protect them in the best way: which is with Zurich. They pride themselves on really getting to know you and what you truly value and love, so that they can create the best protection for the things you value.

Our personalised love lock (read below to find out how you can get your hands on one as well)

Since the invention of steel, locks are used as a way of making a statement to symbolize eternal love. Have you ever wondered about the stories behind each lock?

Zurich Insurance is giving you the chance to get a personalised lock to be displayed in the heart of KL and win many more fantastic prizes in their #ProtectTrueLove contest.

Here's how you can enter the #ProtectTrueLove contest:

i. Visit (or for more information, visit

ii. Customise your virtual locks by inserting two names and a date.

iii. Upload up to 3 photos of your loved ones and write a short description (not more than 1,000 characters) on what #ProtectTrueLove means to you and share your love stories.

iv. Fill in your personal information & submit contest entry.


Grand Prize: Travel Voucher Worth RM5,000.00
Second Prize: iPhone 6s X 2 (RM3,200.00 each)
Third Prize: RM500 Cash X 10
Consolation Prize: Zurich Merchandises X 100

Good luck everyone! I will also be taking part in this contest, lets hope together we can win some great prizes :-)

You can also catch Zurich's #ProtectTrueLove Structure, located outside Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang. We took the opportunity to snap some photos and also lock our personalised padlock there. Should you visit, see if you can spot our #babysumokids love lock there :)

First to hang our love lock on the structure ;)

*This is a sponsored post.


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