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Bazaar Feast By The Lake @ Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, Malaysia

Putrajaya is well-known as the federal administrative centre of Malaysia, where you can find the Prime Minister office, Perdana Putra, Palace of Justice and many more. 

A couple of days ago, we were invited to Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside for their Bazaar Feast by The Lake. Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside is a spectacular looking hotel and we especially liked the lakeside view. So all the better when we found out that dinner would be by the Putrajaya Lake.   

Lake View from Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside hotel

Clock Tower in the hotel compound

What makes the Ramadan buffet here different from other hotels? For starters, you will be dining al fresco at Laguna, an outdoor dining venue offering a breezy lakeside atmosphere. It is advisable to come in comfortable clothing. The layout for the food stations mimics Ramadan bazaars where most of the food is prepared at the live cooking stations. As soon as we walked in, we immediately felt hungry and was mesmerised by the different aromas and sights from the stations.

Laguna, facing the lake

Priced at RM100 nett per adult and 50% off for children between 6-12 years old, this Bazaar Feast features more than 100 varieties of authentic "kampung style" Malaysian delicacies. Start with the ulam salad or a selection of kerabu such as mango or perut (tripe). We were told that they sometimes have keropok lekor too (but not today as the menu is regularly rotated.... *so sadddddd*).  The highlights of the Bazaar Feast include kamping panggang (roasted lamb), gulai daging kawah, satay, otak-otak, nasi briyani gum, lemang, Malay kuih, bubur lambuk as well as durian cake an cempedak molek cake.

The roasted lamb was hugely popular, I think they managed to serve 2 lambs in less than an hour. Even at 7pm, diners have already loaded their plates with lamb and only the carcass was left when I went around taking photos. The meat was tender and flavorful.

I especially loved the gulai kawah kambing too - it was really delicious, and I enjoyed eating it with the fried mee mamak. Been a while since I had such a good plate of mee mamak. Satay was also good, I prefer the beef over the chicken since it is slightly leaner. The ikan bakar and grilled squid was excellent too. At the noodle station, we could choose between mee kari, mee rebus and laksa. I went for the laksa - loved the piquant broth. Other noodle types on rotation is prawn mee and mee bandung. I was too stuffed (leaving room for desserts) to try the murtabak, but it looked promising.

Desserts are displayed in the air-conditioned section. Apparently, the air-conditioned section (which seats less than 10 tables) are booked 2 months in advance by regulars who prefer a more comfortable dining atmosphere.  Ais kacang, cendol, tau fu fah along with many Malay kuihs such as ketayap, tapai and onde-onde is yours to enjoy. There are also baklava, fresh fruits and Western desserts such as bread and butter pudding, red velvet cake and carrot cake.

Popular satay man

Chicken satay

Gulai kawah.. love how its served in a big wok (so authentic!)

Mmmmm.... my favorite dish of the night... gulai kawah kambing

Kawah Corner

Nasi Briyani 

Popiah basah

Grilling the otak-otak

Ikan bakar and grilled squid.. YUMS


Kambing panggang (roasted lamb) or rather what's left of it

Tender roasted lamb


The murtabak tower

Condiments for noodles - pick what you like

My lovely bowl of laksa

An assortment of cucur

Live traditional music - Ghazal band performs daily

Malay kuihs


Pulut tai tai

Kuih Ketayap


Western desserts

Fresh fruits in sampan boat

These are a few of my favorite things ;)

The Putrajaya bridge by night

Note: The Bazaar Feast is available from 23 July to 18 August 2012, from 7pm to 10pm daily. Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside has also collaborated with Garuda Indonesia to fly two lucky draw winners (flight to Jeddah). All you need to do is drop your business card to be entitled for the lucky draw. Results will revealed on 18 August 2012.

Full set of photo can be viewed on the Facebook page here. 

Price: RM100 nett per adult, 50% off for children between ages 6-12.

Location: Bazaar Feast by The Lake, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, 2 Jalan P5/5, Presint 5, 62200 Putrajaya, Malaysia. (25 minutes drive from KL)

Tel: 03-8890 0000



GPS Coordinates: 2.899946, 101.670159


  1. heheh, i'd want the air-conditioned section too! gosh, judging from the massive kawah pots, they must be serving at least 100kg of meat every evening! :D

    1. Everything in the kawah pot was almost all gone by 8.30pm!

  2. aw man.. i wanna go again! I hope we get to check out the spa soon.. teehee.. :P

  3. Pity you couldn't get a shot of the lamb before it was all cut up! I love whole roast lamb!

    And that wok with the gulai is huge, too!

    1. Yeah we were too busy chatting and forgot that most ppl like to take their food before the buka puasa time.

  4. Wow I like the look of all the gulai kawah!

    1. That was definitely one of the highlights of this buffet for me. I went back for seconds.

  5. Always love popia basah...and the gulai kawah shud go well with lemang and the murtabaks...hehe =)

    1. The popia basah here was pretty good. Why not try the gulai kawah with some mee goreng too? ;P

  6. I am most impressed by your loal food knowledge! I don't even know half of these dishes or kuihs!

    1. Hehe thanks Kelly, I am a huge fan of local kuihs, I usually ask those Malay aunties to tell me what they're called so that I can buy them again next time.

  7. I love the look of the murtabak tower! It's really interesting to see the different Ramadan buffets :)

    1. Yeah, so far I've been to three and they're all uniquely different.

  8. Lovely and exciting photos as always.

  9. Wow the wok for the kawah is soooo big!

  10. This buffet spread and those huge works are really impressive, all the Malaysian dishes and kuehs, my mouth is watering already!

    1. If you have time, next time I can bring you around to eat kuihs and Malay food!


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