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A Korean Feast @ Serena Brasserie, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

I love Korean food, especially kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap and japchae. Earlier this week, I was invited to Serena Brasserie at InterContinental KL for their Korean food promotion which runs from 18 June to 15 July 2012. This promotion is in collaboration with Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation and features three Korean chefs (Kim Jae Sun, Hyun Soon Ahn & Jun-Young Heo) specially flown in from Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul Coex to cook up a feast.

A Korean feast...

The menu is created using the Korean chefs extensive experience and focuses on staying true to the characteristics of Korean food using ingredients that they managed to source locally in KL. 20 dishes are featured per night, including samgaetang (Korean ginseng chicken soup), yukjoe (Korean beef tartare), bibimbap (mixed rice), Daehajjim steamed king prawns and Eomandu steamed fish fillet dumplings.

Yukhoe (Korean beef tartare)

Waitresses in traditional Korean dresses (hanbok) complete the Korean experience!

One of the great things about this buffet is that you get to try a little bit of everything, especially if you're new to Korean cuisine and never know what to order when you visit a Korean restaurant. It's also good for those who like variety.

On the way to the hotel, Steph (my friend) and I were discussing and guessing how they would serve dishes like bibimbap and samgyetang in a buffet. The Korean chefs have cleverly served the bibimbap in mini portions, small mound of rice with mixed vegetable toppings and beef, still maintaining the essence of the dish. The samgyetang usually uses a whole spring chicken, instead the Korean chefs have stuffed a chicken roll with the glutinous rice, ginseng, jujube to create the same taste for diners here.

I love the cabbage kimchi, it's not too tart ...and you know, kimchi is good for your health so eat up!My other favorites were the Korean hot noodle soup (comforting), haemul-pajeon (Green onion and seafood pancake - fried a la minute hence still crisp and hot), japchae (stir fried potato noodles with fresh vegetables), bulgogi (Korean barbeque beef - tastes just like the ones who any good Korean restaurant in KL) and the soe gabijjim (braised beef ribs - meat so tender and flavourful). And of course not forgetting the awesome yukhoe, Korean beef tartare, paired with raw egg and sweet Korean pear which I had several helpings of.

Cabbage kimchi


Korean hot noodle soup

Yukhoe, this time without the raw egg

Gimbap (rice rolled in laver), a popular Korean street snack

Pans after pans of pajeon being dished out - because everyone loves them!

Haemul-pajeon (green onion and seafood pancake)

A little bit of everything.... try them all if you can!

Sujeonggwa - Korean traditional fruit punch with cinnamon and pine nuts 

Other than the Korean dishes, you can also feast on the local, Western and other Asian cuisine such as Japanese. I was impressed with the grilled beef fillet - it was tender and also cooked to medium rare, just how I like my meat. Always leave room for desserts - the eclairs, devil fudge cake and panna cotta is good.

Satay and beef fillet

Nicely cooked beef fillet!


.. and lots of other fresh seafood such as oysters, clams and prawns

Prawn salad

Tuna and butterfish sashimi


Cold soba



Devil fudge cake

Chocolate eclairs

Desserts galore

Local kuih

Serena Brasserie

Revamped hotel lobby - loving the chandelier!

*This Korean Feast promotion will run from 18 June to 15 July 2012. The buffet is priced at RM85++ per person for lunch and RM98++ per person for dinner. The weekend high tea is priced at RM75++ per person. 

Full set of photos can be viewed on my Facebook page here. 

Opening times: Lunch 12.00 noon to 2.30pm (Mondays to Fridays), 12.00-4.00pm (weekend high tea) and Dinner 7.00pm to 10.30pm (Daily)


Location: Serena Brasserie, Lobby Level, InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 165 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur (previously Hotel Nikko).

Tel: 03-2782 6228


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*This is an invited review. 


  1. hmm, i prefer having my korean food at a korean restaurant because i know precisely what to order. hehe

    1. Hehe you are well versed with the cuisine, but for those who dont have any idea about the cuisine, it's a good place to start. Try a little and then they can go for other Western/Asian thing on the buffet.

  2. I like how they serve the bibimbap. And the beef tartare looks good la.

    Oh and I wont mind a piece of that nicely cooked beef fillet.

    1. I love the beef tartare... shamelessly went back for several helpings!

  3. ooo, since i love raw beef and i love egg, i'd probably end up eating ten helpings of the yukhoe. the gimbap looks interesting too ... i've never tried that one before, but it kinda looks like a traditional japanese maki roll! :D

    1. It tasted and looked just like a Japanese maki roll to me.

      I wouldnt blame you for eating 10 helpings off the yukhoe.. I loved it very much too. The pairing with the sweet pear was lovely.

  4. The food looks good. I'm not sure if I've sampled Korean, buffet style, before.

    1. You are right, it's the first time for me seeing a Korean buffet in a KL hotel. Food tasted authentic and nicely prepared.

  5. yeah I would love to have a taste of the yokhoe as well. Despite having tasted so many korean dishes before yokhoe is one I've never gotten around to trying before. Galbijjim looks good as well! :)

    1. It was my first time trying yukhoe too, and I was impressed.

  6. oh korean buffet! :) i have not been to any before, but seems like this idea is quite new for hotel restaurants..

    1. Yeah if we're not mistaken, it's perhaps the first Korean buffet we've seen in a KL hotel.

  7. wow what a feast! your friend is a lucky gal! and Korean buffet, the first of it's kind I've ever heard of. Looks like there were tonnes to eat! Don't think I can finish tasting them all at one go. =oP


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