Friday, March 11, 2011

Mackies of Scotland - Luxury Dairy Ice Cream

Healthy cows in an Aberdeenshire farm...

I (hubby) was brought up enjoying milk puddings almost everyday as a child and while currently spending some time in Scotland I had to indulge myself in some rice pudding.

In my opinion the perfect accompaniment to hot rice pudding is a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Of course there are many great ice creams available around the world. Mackies is on our doorstep here in Aberdeen and is the obvious choice while here in Scotland.

Smooth and creamy

As a young boy we visited Mackies farm on a school trip and witnessed first hand the process of milking dairy cows. As part of a project about farming we actually adopted a piglet from the farm and after enjoying the piglet running around our ankles in the classroom for a week we eventually raised it at the local zoo, taking turns to visit PIGGY.

...eventually our little piglet grew up to be a well-fed pig and was sold at the local mart to a local butcher, teaching us a little about the business side of rearing livestock.

Mackies of Scotland make luxury dairy ice cream with fresh double cream and whole milk and all natural ingredients. Refer to Mackies webpage for full information of their farm and their produce.

Look out for Mackies next time you are buying good ice cream, you will not be disappointed.

Click here to join their Facebook page. I am their 1000th fan!


  1. Mmmm, good and creamy ice cream!

  2. alrighty, if i ever see them at a supermarket in kl, i'll grab a tub immediately! :D


    Wrong time to have ice cream cravings!

  4. Interesting additional fact : Chloe and Daniel's grandad went to school with Mr Mackie ..

  5. Pete : yeah defo creamy.
    Sean : I'm going to be looking out for this brand in KL also, let me know if you find it.
    Michelle : Did you read at bedtime?
    Choi yen : Yeah me too

  6. Today I discovered how rewarding blogging can be... As a direct result of my blog entry on Mackies Ice Cream babysumo visited the Mackies facebook page and subsequently won 10 tubs of ice cream as their 1000th fan hahahaha YUMMY

  7. Congrats on the win! They are going to send the 10 tubs over by air?

  8. QuiRkY-Malaysia : We are going to allocate them to family members in the UK :-)


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