Monday, March 21, 2011

Ice Cream Baby..

You may recall we won 10 free 1 litre tubs of Mackies Ice Cream recently and we were excited when the postman dropped a letter off today containing the 10 vouchers.

There is only one thing better than ice cream on a warm sunny day - FREE ICE CREAM !!

Within 2hrs of the letter arriving at our home I was redeeming two of them at the local supermarket. The first two selected were Raspberry Ripple flavour... which I will savour on its own..

..and secondly Traditional flavour, made with fresh milk and double cream. Perfect as an accompaniment to milk puddings, apple pie, yoghurt etc.

Thanks once again to Mackies. If you are in the UK I'd recommend you enter Mackies competitions on their website - You've got to be in it to win it.

I'm Happily Eating indeed :-)

*This is a guest post by ChloeandDanielsdaddy.


  1. it's so mooo, wanna try this out!!! happy eating ya

  2. by the way, any idea how much per tube?

  3. Oh boo hoo! We can't get this here in Malaysia... Or can we? :P

  4. Ai Wei: Dont think they sell it here in KL. We won the vouchers in UK.

  5. LFB: I've never seen it here in KL, will keep my eyes peeled on the ice cream aisles everytime I go to the supermarket :P

    Even in UK, it's quite difficult finding it anywhere other than Scotland.

    Hubby is enjoying the free ice cream that I won!

  6. ahhh, so sad. heard of how great the dairies from scotland.

    by the way, u are currently based in msia or uk???

  7. Ai Wei: I am based in KL, but Hubby is currently in UK now. Hence, he blogged and got to enjoy this free ice-cream :D


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