Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Warung, Mid Valley Megamall

We stumbled across The Warung when we were doing some shopping in Mid Valley Megamall one day. Tucked away in corner near F.O.S (Kids Apparel) and the entrance/exit to the KTM Komuter station, it's no wonder we've never noticed this eatery before.

Promising local fare at a very reasonable price, we immediately went into the eatery to look for a table. The Warung operates a open-dining concept, similar to Ko Hyang (no doors, no walls). The place resembles a warung, and the decor here is rustic, complete with a bicycle shed, banana leaves and old straw sieves. The aluminium-topped tables and wooden stools/benches here remind me of those in our school canteens.

The Warung operates a self-service system, so place your order at the cashier, pay and the food will be brought to your table. Next to the cashier, an array of dishes are laid out so you know what you are ordering/getting.

The menu

Take your pick from an array of local fare

Refreshing Ice Lemon Tea

We were intrigued by the unique Nasi Tumpang (RM9.80), rice packed in a cone shaped banana leaf. Nasi Tumpang (as we found out through some research later) is a Kelantanese delicacy traditionally meant for travellers, where rice is layered with sambal (chilli based condiment), serunding (dried beef rendang floss), chicken curry and cucumber. It is called 'nasi tumpang' as all the condiments "tumpang" or borrow space in the rice. The taste? Very good indeed, I enjoyed eating this a lot more than the usual nasi lemak. The flavours were just right; for instance, the sambal here is the sweeter version which is the way I like it.

Cone shaped rice served with acar (pickled vegetables) and keropok ikan (fish crackers)

Nasi tumpang undressed

We also tried the Soto Ayam (RM6.50), which is a spicy chicken soup served with meehoon (vermicelli). I have always enjoyed eating this at Malay open houses, so I welcomed the idea of eating it here. The version here is very delicious; the soup is peppery and full of flavour, but definitely not laden by MSG. A chilli sauce/paste is provided in a separate bowl, where you can add as much as you like depending on the level of spiciness you require.

We were much too stuffed to eat anything else, although the kuihs (Malay cakes) looked very tempting. Maybe some other time.. we will definitely come back to try some more things on their menu!

Open from 8.30am onwards (breakfast menu). Main dishes available from 11.30am onwards.

Service: Prompt.

Price: Reasonable. RM20 for 2 persons.

Location: The Warung, Lot F028C, First Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. the nasi tumpang looks really good! and i prefer the sweet versh of the sambal too :)

  2. Dropping by ere. =). nice one there. Love the food

  3. I love the nasi tumpang here, yummy :p

  4. Gonna try it!! haha
    the nasi tumpang is quite unique lol

  5. Yup, the nasi tumpang is delicious and good value for money too!

  6. i am a frequent patron to the warung in mid valley as I kinda enjoy the food there but what makes me very pissed off today is when one of the staff shouted at us. this staff just marched to us and act like a gangster and shouted at us at our table as if we did not pay for our food. He demand to see our receipt which unfortunately we did not take the receipt from the cashier. this is totally unacceptable as we are totally embarrassed being shouted at in front of so many other customers. We are not going back to this place again, ever, and we will tell whoever we know not to patron to this place anymore. Such poor customer service....

  7. very very very POOR service& show face to patron,rude,Scolded customer next time...Maybe we no money to PAY....

  8. You were lucky no rats fell from the roof/ceiling. It was a horrible experience and disgusting.


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