Monday, July 12, 2010

GoGung Korean Restaurant, The Gardens

Whenever we walk past GoGung in The Gardens, we assume that it is one of those expensive restaurants which we cannot afford to do our everyday dining in. It has an exterior and interior very different from Ko Hyang, situated on the Lower Ground floor. Whereas Ko Hyang is a Korean food outlet, this is a proper restaurant with a rather posh looking interior.

They have proper stainless steel cutleries and plates here

Prior to this visit, we have actually browsed through GoGung's a la carte menu and found it a little heavy on the wallet. But then again, decent Korean meals are never cheap. However, to our surprise, GoGung also offer an extensive set lunch menu ranging from RM18 - RM25. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

While waiting, 4 types of ban chan (side dishes) is served. The kimchi (pickled cabbage) here is slightly more mature, so it tastes much more sourish than the ones u get at Ko Hyang. Usually the spinach used in making the Sigeumchi namul (lightly parboiled spinach) is quite young, but the ones here were a little older and had super thick stalks. The other 2 ban chan dishes were pickled green chilli (first time I've tried this), and kongnamul (cold boiled bean sprouts with sesame oil). I was surprised that the ban chan served here were pretty big portions, and we got 4 each, so there was no need to ask for refills.

Pickled green chilli, kongnamul, kimchi and Sigeumchi namul

Banchan galore

The Unc being a meat lover and all, ordered the beef bulgogi (RM25) from Set Meal #3, which included steam rice, soup, and pajeon. Have you ever had something off a set lunch menu and ended up severely disappointed because they use lower quality ingredients to make up for the cheap price?

Well, this was DEFINITELY NOT the case.. the beef was actually marinated very well, so this dish was extra flavoursome. The beef was also tender and not tough at all. Served with lettuce , ssamjang and whole garlics to wrap your beef in. The portion was also huge, so I got to partake in finishing this dish!

I fancied a hot stew, so I went for the Doenjang Jigae (RM20) from Set Meal #2, which includes a steam rice and pajeon. There were peppers, zuchinni, onions, tofu and la la (clam) in the stew. I found it very savoury and delicious!

Each set came with 2 slices of thin, crispy pajeon (Korean pancake). Nom nom nom!

Verdict: The set lunch here is excellent. Too bad it is only available Mon-Fri 10am-3pm. Compared to Ko Hyang, dining here is definitely more refined for almost the same price. Would definitely come back to try some of their a la carte items.

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10.00am - 10.00pm
Location: GoGung Korean Restaurant, Lot T-212, 3rd Floor, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  1. the korean pancake is quite new to me.. looking delicious =)

  2. ken: pajeon is quite common in korean restaurants, you should try it the next time you're in one.. :-)

  3. Wow! The Korean Restaurant looks good! 10am-3pm only? why?

  4. eaven: 10am-3pm for their set lunch... but you can order from their a la carte menu from 10am-10pm.

  5. if compare with Ko Hyang which 1 is more nicer?

  6. MY1022: The food at GoGung is more expensive if you order from a la carte. Tastewise, they are really comparable... you get more ban chan here though and more variety overall :P

  7. GoGung's environment is better...thanks for your explanation ^^

  8. is this place halal?

    1. It is pork-free if I am not mistaken. Pls call the restaurant to confirm. Phone number is 03-2287 2981 / 6981

  9. Hi all,

    I went to this restaurant yesterday and they have charged RM8.00 per person for Green Tea. I thought they have charged me in error and I have called them up today to clarify. The lady who picks up my call confirmed that they are charging RM8.00 per green tea sachet. I did notice that they have inputted 4 sachets of green tea into out small tea pot so I gave out to argue further. Anyway, I will black list this restaurant from today onwards. Our total bill yesterday was RM182.10 for 1 Kim Chi Ji Gae - RM25.00, 1 Special Jumuluck - RM70.00, 1 Sulung Tang - RM30.00 and the green teas - RM32.00.


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