Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Clarence, London

Even before I arrived in London, I was craving for a good Sunday roast. As we walked down from Trafalgar Square heading towards Big Ben, we spotted a few potential pubs.

Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square

The effects of global warming
The half melted ice bear

Big Ben

Some funny shirts we came across

After some deliberation, we settled for The Clarence, a contemporary looking pub just 100 yards away from Trafalgar Square, boasting views of London Eye and Big Ben.

London Eye

Having undergone a makeover recently, The Clarence sports a fresh and contemporary outlook. However, it still felt very warm and cosy in here.

The specials on the board reveals that 'Roast Rib Eye Steak' with all the trimmings was available here today. Exactly what I wanted!

What I wanted..

So, when the waiter arrived to take our order, I ordered 2 'Roast Rib Eye Steaks' and I found it strange when he asked me how I wanted my rib eye steak cooked. However, I never gave it a second thought until our food arrived. A medium-cooked rib-eye steak, with tomato, mushroom, handcut chips and peppercorn sauce (£14.95) . And I still didn't notice the order blunder until Hubby asked 'where's the Yorkshire pudding?' (I must have been having a blonde moment)

The truth was, when the steak arrived, I was very happy with what I saw and even happier when I took my first bite! The steak was beautifully cooked, no signs of overcooked meat here for sure! I have yet to find steaks like this in Malaysia. :-(

The crispy chips dunked in the peppercorn sauce were delightful to eat

When I looked back at the menu, I realised that the waiter must have only heard me saying 'Rib Eye Steak' and missed out the word 'Roast'. Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed the steak. No complains!

For dessert, we shared a warm Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream (£5.00) and it was sinfully good.

Verdict: Apart from the 'order' blunder, it was a very good "pub" experience in the heart of London. Lovely food, atmosphere and attentive service.

Location: The Clarence, 53 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2HP

Tel: 020 7930 4808

Nearest tube: Westminster / Charing Cross


  1. wow, that ice bear, is it really made of ice outside?

  2. Looks like your experience with a Sunday roast was far better than mine. Although my order came with yorkshire pudding, the meat was very bland and dry. Yours looks so flavorful and juicy! I'm jealous!

  3. Oh no, where did you have your Sunday Roast at? Actually I had Sunday Roast a few days later (at some random London pub), and the meat was way too dry.

    Come to think of it, the best Sunday roast (beef) that I've had is cooked by my hubby. Succulent!


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