Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Apartment @ The Curve

I was a little apprehensive about dining at The Apartment as I had previously read some bad reviews about this place. We were looking for a place to have lunch at in The Curve, and Hubby decided we should give it a go.

In here, you will find different "rooms" you may find in an apartment. We were given the option of either the 'bedroom' or 'bathroom' and opted for the bedroom. Bathroom looks a bit shabby to be honest.

The bedroom section - a daybed which was rather comfy to laze in but not so appropriate to eat in

Bathroom section

The bar

The menu comprises of tapas, seafood, salads, sandwiches, Western and also Asian style cooking. I had the lamb rack and ice lemon tea whilst Hubby had the sheppard's pie (I think the correct spelling should be shepherd). The ice lemon tea was the homemade kind 'with a teabag and lemon squeezed in'. For me, it wasn't sweet enough.

When our food arrived, I was pretty impressed and thought 'Okay, this looks like a promising start to our meal'. Hubby enjoyed his shepherd's pie - cheese on the mash potatoes and the beef mince with a hint of tomato provided complementary twists to this traditional dish.

Hubby's shepherd's pie

When I took my first bite of my lamb dish, I was impressed. The meat was cooked pink in the middle (just the way I like it). The crushed basil sauce went really well with the lamb. However, (okay this is the part where it starts going wrong...:-( ), the sauteed new potatoes were really undercooked. You couldn't even crush it with your fork, that's how hard it was. Hubby kindly offered me some of his mash potatoes.

Lamb rack

So, when the waiter cleared our plates, I mentioned the 'hard potatoes' to him and he didn't apologize or make any comment about it. To me, that is bad service. It's as though they ("the restaurant") do not care about what they serve their customers. I didn't bother with dessert. Later when we asked for our bill, it took about 10 minutes as they had some technical error with their machine.

Overall, I felt quite disappointed with the meal as they couldn't even get a basic side dish cooked to an edible standard. Cooking potatoes is not rocket science. Not worth a return visit.

Location: The Apartment, Lot 72-74, 152 Ground Floor, Western Courtyard, The Curve.

Food: 6/10. Very bad potatoes.
Price: Reasonable. RM80 for 2 persons.
Service: Poor. Their waiters can't speak English. And they have lousy etiquette.

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  1. The Appartment has always been my least favourite(least favourite is a strong word...i must say it is in my 'sukkiest restaurants' list) restaurant along with Dome....Service can make or spoil may have the best food but if your service sucks, you kill everything(bad breath can kill even the most gorgeous Ms. Universe)....and they suck at both...perfect combination


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