Saturday, November 28, 2015

Are You Ready For Christmas?

Hip hip hooray... Christmas, our favorite time of the year is here again! Last weekend, we took our Christmas tree out of storage and #babysumokids had fun putting up the tree and decorating it.

After two years of doing it, the kids are so pro at it now. They will take out the tree, fluff up the branches - slight break while mummy and daddy put up the lights and tinsel - then finished by tree decorating. Children are really great helpers, and they can also get creative and have fun. What a great family bonding activity!

How are your Christmas preparations going?

Beautiful sunrise earlier that morning

Here are some other cool Christmas crafts which you do with your kids: snowman, and edible Santa Claus & Gang

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  1. christmas is my favourite time of the year too! and the christmas tree decoration looks like it'll be just the start of many fun activities for the kids throughout december! :)

  2. I hate putting up the tree, I don't know why! So hubby gets that job. It doesn't help that our tree is very small and not very impressive too :P

  3. Lovely sunrise pic. We have not been putting up our Christmas tree for a long time now, lazy. LOL!!!


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