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Award-winning Cantonese Cuisine @ Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental KL

From 26 to 29 November 2015, diners have the opportunity to catch award-winning Chinese Executive Chef Wong Wing Keung and his team from Yee Tung Heen restaurant of The Excelsior, Hong Kong at Lai Po Heen in Mandarin Oriental KL. They have put together special menus for lunch and dinner, which includes many of their award-winning Cantonese dishes.

We had a special preview of the 7-course dinner menu, which was well-executed and left us hankering for more. The menu overall is light, refined and the dishes came beautifully presented.

The meal started off with the Chiu Chow Dumplings, in three styles. These dumplings have been awarded the Gold Award by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in 2015, and features three dumplings paired with three different sauces. The traditional dumpling with yam is served with Chiu Chow chilli oil, vegetarian dumpling with mushroom and carrot is served with Chiu Chow tangerine oil and carrot and crab meat dumpling is served with preserved bean paste. The skin on each dumpling is delicate with a slightly chewy texture., complemented well by crunchy textures of the fillings.

Next is another award-winning dish, the Twin Mushroom Platter, which has won the Gold with Distinction Award from The Hong Kong Tourism Board 2015. One of them is the mushroom bun with assorted mushrooms. The bun has been steamed and then pan fried to give it a crispy outer layer, and then coated with chocolate to resemble a mushroom.  On the platter are also shitake mushrooms stuffed with Matsutake and shrimp paste as well as deep fried cordycep flowers. I really love the presentation of this dish.

According to Chef Wong, the double boiled honey locust fruit soup with Matsutake and assorted fungus is a popular soup with his customers at The Excelsior Hong Kong. This clear vegetarian soup was very smooth and light on the palate. It is made with a stock of apples, carrots, beansprouts and Chinese cabbage and double boiled for about 3 hours in total.

The steamed live grouper fillet is served with a sauce of egg white, tomato, broccoli and crab meat and finished off with a topping of crispy ginger.

Papaya is commonly used as an ingredient in sweet desserts, however Chef Wong felt that papaya would also work well in savoury dishes, hence this creation of simmered papaya with brown fungus in chicken broth.

One of the dishes which I really enjoyed during this meal was the braised rice with crab meat and spring onion. The green parts of the spring onion has been ground into a paste and added to the fried rice to give it a beautiful vivid green colour as well as a lovely earthy taste. Before serving, braised crab meat and scallops is poured around the rice. A really delicious dish, it's no wonder that this has garnered the Gold Award from The Hong Kong Tourism Board 2015.

The trio of desserts, comprising of the chilled ginger milk custard, black and white sesame rolls and deep fried mini sesame balls with egg custard were outstanding. The chilled ginger milk custard had a beautiful smooth texture and strong gingery fragrance and taste, topped with a jelly made of ginger and brown sugar. My favorite of them all is the deep fried mini sesame balls - I love the combination of soft interior and crispy exterior with the delicious egg custard filling. A sweet ending indeed!

The 7-course set dinner menu is available from 26 to 29 November 2015 for RM388 nett per person, or RM588 nett with wine pairing.

There will also be two menus for lunch, priced at RM68 per person. You can choose either the Assorted Chiu Chow Dumplings in Three Styles or the Assorted Hong Kong dim sum platter, which comes with the mushroom bun, steamed gold fish dumpling and deep fried lobster flower roll.

Steamed gold fish dumpling with prawn filling - so adorable. 


Opening times: 12pm to 2.30pm for lunch (Mon-Fri), 10.30am-2.30pm (Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays), 7pm to 10.30 for dinner (Mon-Sun).

Location: Lai Po Heen, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2179 8885


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  1. the presentation for the mushroom platter is pretty stunning ... i couldn't help admiring it for more than a few seconds! :)


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