Thursday, May 6, 2010

Byron @ Westfield, London

Another London blog!

Today, Hubby wanted to visit the Wembley stadium, England's national stadium and I wanted to go shopping at Westfield. We compromised by waking up early, catching the tube to Wembley and then spending the rest of the day shopping in Westfield!

Wembley stadium has the longest single span roof structure in the world

Bobby Moore statue

Bobby Moore bridge a.k.a Olympic Way

Christmas at Westfield Shopping Centre

Very cool Christmas decor at Aldo, thousands of small heels make up the big one!

At lunchtime, we headed upstairs to have a quick lunch at Nando's but the queue was unbelievably long, so we ended up in a shorter queue outside Byron's. We still ended up waiting 40 minutes for our food.

Byron's boast that their hamburgers are freshly ground at 5am every morning, are made from fully traceable grass-fed Aberdeen Angus beef and their burger buns are baked by a fourth generation family baker in London’s East End.

I ordered the Classic Burger, a 6oz hamburger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and mayo. All hamburgers are cooked medium, purportedly, but honestly, I found mine a bit on the dry side and too well done.

Hubby ordered the Cheese Burger, 6oz hamburger with mature Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and mayo. His fared better than mine, the cheese made his hamburger much more moist.

The best thing we had in Byron's was the Oreo cookie milkshake. So rich and delicious!

Verdict: Perhaps a visit to McDonald's might have suffice. 2 burgers and fries for half the price here.

Service: I find it slow considering they only serve hamburgers and salads.
Price: £24 for 2 persons.

Location: Byron, The Loft, Westfield Shopping Centre, London, W12 7GF

Nearest tube: Shepherd's Bush / White City


  1. Wow the Aldo shop is way too awesome!

  2. nice^^ thx for the virtual trip^^

  3. jfook: it's so cool right? i was amazed when i saw it too!

    glo-w: my pleasure!

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