Sunday, July 30, 2017

Magical Moments at Zippos Circus

"Mummy! Zippos Circus is coming to Stonehaven," BabySumoKids excitedly told me when they saw a promotional poster. As children growing up in Malaysia, the closest our kids have gotten to a circus so far is bedtime stories or possibly seeing some footage on TV.

Their dream to see a circus show came true this summer, when they attended their first circus in Stonehaven. Scotland's Favorite Circus, Zippos Circus has been enriching the lives of British families and summertime visitors to the UK since 1986, and hopefully for many years to come.

Zippos Circus features two-hours of top quality entertainment for individuals and families or groups of all ages. The show will keep you entertained from start to finish with moments of laughter, surprise, shock, awe, amazement, amusement and bewilderment.

It was heartwarming for us to hear our children roar with laughter at the circus clown and cheer and clap with enthusiasm as the acts were individually introduced by our ringmaster and subsequently wowed us with their skills.  Nothing beats a live show in term of excitement and interaction.  Zippos tented arena houses a decent sized crowd, yet it is intimate enough whereby everyone gets a good view of the action.

The 2017 show is themed "Jigit" which refers to a word used to describe a skilful and brave person.

BabySumoKids were excited to attend their first circus

And we're pleased to be here!

Amazing ringside seats .. at the centre of all the action :)

Our host for the afternoon is none other than the World's Greatest Ringmaster, Norman Barrett MBE.
The agile Zulu Warriors jumped through hoops and formed human pyramids, much to our delight. What a fantastic start to the show.

We shrieked and laughed at the antics of Emilion Delbosq, with his modern take on clowning as well as Alexandru Lupu, the comedy fireman.  

What's a circus without some trapeze action? Kimberly Souren mesmerised the audience with her swinging trapeze, all performed without a safety net!

Mongolian circus princess Odka Amraa lights up the circus tent with her illuminated hula hoops.

 The Khadikov Troupe, the Cossack riders showed some amazing equestrian paired with their action stunts. 

The ringmaster with his world famous budgies got us ooh-ing and ahh-ing with their cute antics

Our jaw dropped as Juma the contortionist did his act.... I've never seen such a flexible man in all my life! He could even fit his whole body through a tennis racket.

Aeralist Laci Fossett making it look so effortless

The epitome of "Jigit" were the Lucius riders and their Globe of Death act. It was a heartstopping moment as not just two, three or four riders roar inside the Globe but FIVE! Not only that, the globe splits open when the riders are whizzing through it...  You have to see it to believe it! Absolutely exhilarating to watch.

Watch the highlights of our visit to Zippos Circus at Stonehaven in this YouTube video!

A fantastic 5-star performance!

It was a magical experience for our whole family; with incredible ringside seats, we were totally entranced by the circus acts throughout the show.

We highly recommend this activity to families or anyone looking for fantastic entertainment and a fun day out. Do check out their website for remaining shows and dates around Scotland and England.

As our ringmaster reminded us, "You are never to young, too old or too cool to attend the circus."


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