Friday, May 5, 2017

A Gift of Love: OGAWA Master Drive

When we first moved into our new home, one of the items we purchased was an entry-level massage chair. Recently, we've been considering if we should upgrade and get a more advanced massage chair which can give us the full body massage experience at home.

Massage chairs can be a huge investment, in order to find out which one suits your needs best it is advisable to go out and do some market research. We tried three brands recently and the one that impressed us the most during our "test drive" was the OGAWA Master Drive, the new flagship massage chair from OGAWA.

1. The design / appearance

One of the most important criteria for us when choosing a massage chair other than the features is its appearance. Our home interior is pretty minimalist, so the chosen one needs to look sleek, modern and blend in with the rest of our interior.

All 3 brands that we tried looked modern with a futuristic, edgy feel to them. Out of the 3, only OGAWA comes in four different colours while the competitor brands only come with one colour option.

2. Functionality / Best Massage Experience

We both enjoy the experience of going to a spa and having a 1-2 hour full body massage with soothing music and pleasant personal service, however the convenience of having a mechanical masseuse ever present at home capable of performing warming, deep tissue, pressure point focused, stretching and numerous massage types is also very appealing.

The OGAWA Master Drive is brought to life by cutting edge Japanese technology, and is an extremely accurate massage chair that precisely targets your acupuncture points - from head-to-toe, including your knees - for optimal energy restoration through human-like full-body massages.  As soon as you turn on the machine, it will do a full body scan using its precision sensors to analyse different body shapes and sizes and adjust the intensity level of the massage accordingly.

To control the massage chair, OGAWA's controller is the most modern - a 7-inch touch-screen tablet which is simple to navigate. OGAWA comes with 22 massage programs, and each program comes with a short description to tell the user what the massage entails. We found the descriptions useful (we didn't have to keep referring back to the sales person to ask what each program is supposed to do). Some of the programs available on OGAWA Master Drive are: Master's Choice, Sensei, Deep tissue massage, Circulation, Shape n Tone, Balinese, Chinese, Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Tapping and more.

You can also customise your massage area, as well as adjust the strength to your preference

Built-in manual 

OGAWA also comes with a M Drive Navigator, a feature exclusive only to Master Drive. A master control that allows you to conveniently control the intensity and massage programs without disrupting your massage experience.

Massage chair technology has advanced somewhat in recent years, the enhanced 135 cm L-shaped track within the OGAWA Master Drive gives wider coverage and reaches more points, for a more pleasurable experience.  Invigorating neck, shoulder, back and lower back massage, with heat, is available via the L-Track coverage. Lower leg and feet massage are facilitated within the "footrest' portion of the chair, which comes with sole massage rollers as well as airbags. OGAWA is also the 1st in Malaysia with knee coverage, an area which is often neglected. Treat your knees to much needed care with strategically-fitted thermal airbags. Another attractive use for the OGAWA Master Drive is simply to give your body a rest from the rigours of daily life by "resting" in a zero-gravity position to redistribute your weight across the body, reduce pressure on your spine and relieve muscle tension.

OGAWA Master Drive is equipped with the high-performance A.R.M. microprocessor, which can respond quickly and accurately adjust massages to your commands.

OGAWA Master Drive is also the first of its kind to provide deep tissue, spine-focused, human-like massages. It has 4D M Spa rollers which have the ability to protrude 120mm deep and converge 40mm apart to accurately massage the spine and specific acupunctural points. 

I personally enjoy medium-pressure when I go to the spa, and after testing all three brands, I find OGAWA's pressure suits me best (observation based on first program selected by the salesperson at each brand's outlet).

All 3 brands of massage chair that we tried come with heat function. However, OGAWA seems to give out the most comfortable level of heat as the heat comes directly from the massage rollers, so it will follow wherever the massage goes, hence it feels like you are getting a warm hand massage. The heat will stimulate blood flow in your body and helps your body relax even more.

All three brands come with music therapy, for extra relaxation. One of the competitor brand also comes with a negative ioniser while OGAWA comes with light therapy. User can choose from 7 modes which can help uplift moods, increase metabolism and promote detoxification.

Major benefits we agreed upon when comparing the OGAWA Master Drive to competitor offerings were that the OGAWA Master Drive offered the most human-like experience, offered the best sound and lighting effects to aid relaxation and overall massage enjoyment, offered the most user-friendly control panel, and was the most aesthetically pleasing massage chair currently on the market.

3. Price

Price is usually one of the deciding factors when purchasing a massage chair. All 3 brands cost upward of RM20K, with OGAWA being the most reasonably priced; with their Parents’ Day promotion you can now own it at RM18,699OGAWA and another brand offer two years warranty, while another competitor offers only one.

In conclusion, our brief forage into the world of massage chairs resulted in us agreeing that the OGAWA Master Drive would be our massage chair of choice.  With Mother's Day coming soon, maybe, just maybe we can justify the expenditure and invest in our bodies well-being, ironing out all our aches and pains in the comfort of our home.

For more product information on the OGAWA Master Drive, please visit the OGAWA website here.

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  1. Hmmm...unfortunately, Father's Day not till June. Hehehehehe!!!

  2. OMG~~~ I also just tried it just now... So many different type of setting to choose from.. Love it so much..

    1. How was it... Care to share your experience?? What kind of setting is there?

    2. I had tested the latest Ogawa massage chair. Yes, i cant deny that the massage chair is quite comfortable with the function but shockingly the prices are so expensive as it is in the range of 8K to 15K per massage chair. This is so expensive when compared to other brands.

    3. Which brand are you saying. Yes the price you look at it.. Freaking expensive.. But Same goes for a car and a house. Tens to hundred of thousand... But there is always an installment plan to lessen the burden.. If you can afford. You should go for it. If your jobs needs this to help you release your pain. I think its worth the investment.

    4. I think she is mention about brands like osim those.... But those good brand the price also more or less the same... So i would recommend you get this...

  3. I havent tried it before. The design is quite comfortable. Is it the function is functioning very effectively to relieve all type of body aches?

    1. Have you tried it yet?? You read about it?? I plan to try it out this weekend to get it for my parents.

    2. I have checked out the latest promotion on Ogawa. There will be promotion for parents day but since the price is quite high, even with the promotion the price is still expensive. Cant afford it.

    3. Even with the installment plan?? Still expensive?? Hmmmm~~ I guess its better for you to save 1st then... Go for something you can afford.. there are other products also.

  4. Normally Ogawa has provided many good product for massage, wish to buy bt still Ogawa's products are very costly to me

    1. I know right, but this master drive cover the whole body that's why costly. The original price is even costly though. Now they have promotion can get nearly 12k off. It's recommended to for installment plan. For the master drive, if not mistaken only need to pay 530+ per month only. At least no need to pay big amount of cash upfront.

  5. There are quite a few brands... But i think what is important is choose to what you need.... If you want overall... I think Ogawa master drive is good.

  6. A 18k massage chair only worth for 2 years warranty seriously?
    But I like the little tablet screen on the chair. Display so details for every function and guide.

    1. At least better than other brands. The article did mentioned out of 3 brands, one of the brand only offer 1 year warranty. But normally, massage chair seldom have any issue, if you taking good care. My friends 3 years old models still serving him good up to today.

  7. I just bought.
    If u want compare able to Apple.

    Then gintell u need look for UFO, osim is ulove...

    But then, the massage experience still is ogawa master drive 4d more better and "reach the point"...

    My massage chair should deliver tomorrow and I can't wait for it...

  8. Hi 洪文忠, would you mind to share some of your experience and review about the Ogawa Master Drive that you bought recently?

    I'm also surveying around for a new massage chair as my current one is ageing.

    Thanks a lot...


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