Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rooster Pineapple Tarts and Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year

Hello! Over the past few days, we have been baking up a storm in our kitchen in preparation for Chinese New Year. We made pineapple nastar rolls, as well as German cookies to gift to our friends.

While making the pineapple nastar rolls, I tried making them in rooster shapes too. I made it using the same dough as the pineapple nastar rolls (recipe here) - to make the rooster shapes, first make a pineapple jam ball (about the size of a marble), then another slightly bigger ball using the dough. Flatten the dough, then place the pineapple jam in the centre, wrap and roll back into a ball. Stick on the red heart shaped decoration as the comb, and also another one as its beak (the pointy bit facing outwards) and then two black sesame seeds for its eyes. Have fun making them!

Rooster Pineapple Tarts for Year of the Rooster

I also had some leftover dough (no more pineapple jam) when I was making my third batch of pineapple tarts - hence we made another version of rooster cookies using the leftover dough. To make, simply roll the pineapple dough into balls, stick on the heart-shaped edible decoration as the comb and beak, and then use two chocolate chip cookies as its feet. Stick on two black sesame seeds for its eyes. They taste just like butter cookies ;)

Made another short video to show you how to put together these rooster cookies.

Over the weekend, Baby D also helped make German Cookies, for his classmates and teacher. We made over 150 of them! :D Recipe can be found here.

Please also check out my recipe for Rooster German Cookies. :)

This year, we also made bak kwa (Chinese pork jerk). Do enjoy this short recipe video that I made on how to make bak kwa. It's so easy and sooooo much cheaper than buying from the shops. Recipe can be found here.

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