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Game Review: Horlicks NutriQuest

I'm sure by now you have all heard the news that the evil Dr Greedy is actively trying to stop children from being Tall, Strong and Sharp by taking over the Horlicks factory and henceforth depriving kids of Horlicks, a source of 23 vital nutrients for growth and development.

We downloaded the Horlicks NutriQuest game a few weeks ago and have allocated 1 hour after dinner each day combining our efforts as a family to unlock as many levels as we can.  Hubby has continued playing some evenings even after the children are in bed to surprise them the next day with his progress.

To take on Dr Greedy in the game, you can play as one of these four heroes - the friendly Damien, brilliant Omair, sporty Akin and the quick-witted Ida or customize the character to look like yourself.

Horlicks NutriQuest Main Menu

The game is definitely very playable and seems to have fulfilled the design criteria of engaging children and providing them with information regarding the important role nutrients play in their development. By playing this game, it also encourages our children to think of the best strategies to complete each level as well as stimulate their cognitive activities.

Tip from #BabySumoKids:
There are lots of useful information in the Handbook in the Main Menu. We strongly advise you to refer to the handbook as you progress through the game.

The Quest will take you through 3 different zones - City, Jungle and Factory, with 10 levels in each zone. The aim is to navigate through all the obstacles in your path, while collecting coins and if possible, collecting stars and hidden trophies along the way.  

Tip from #BabySumoKids:
Initially focus your efforts on passing the level, collecting as many coins as you can.  The coins can be used to upgrade your skills and health (number of lives available).  After you have familiarized yourself with the level and boosted your coins collection/upgraded yourself, you can repeat the level to search for the stars and the trophies, as well as collecting more coins.

You will encounter Tall, Strong and Sharp boosters while playing the game. Use these to your advantage to make progression to the next level easier.

The Tall booster will enable you to jump higher allowing you to climb onto higher platforms to progress and to collect stars/coins/other boosters.

The Strong booster will allow you to smash through some walls and throw boxes further.  In some levels you will not be able to finish the level unless you find and use the Strong booster.

The Sharp booster will allow you to extend your time in the "Virtual Reality" world.

Tip from #BabySumoKids:
The Virtual Reality world is entered by pressing the JoyStick icon that will appear when you stand next to the arcade machine.  Often, you will find keys in the Virtual Reality world that will unlock escalators/elevators allowing you to progress once you go back into the city, jungle or factory zone.  It is definitely worthwhile using the Smart booster to explore the Virtual Reality world.

If you are keen to enter the 4th Dimension but impatient to collect all the coins from NutriQuest gameplay, it is possible to purchase one of the limited edition Horlicks packs containing NutriCoins. With every purchase of a 200g Horlicks pouch, you are entitled to ONE NutriCoin, 400g pouch or 440g Horlicks jar to TWO NutriCoins and 1kg of Horlicks pack to THREE NutriCoins.

Each NutriCoins unique code can be used to unlock the 4th Dimension World and additionally the NutriCoins can also be used to redeem awesome Horlicks NutriQuest prizes (keychain, baseball cap, watch), essential items this school holidays for all NutriQuest players.  You can redeem the prizes via this website here. 

To summarize, each level must be completed by reaching the podium marked with a flag at the end of that level.  Once the first 10 levels are completed, you can only unlock Level 11 if you have collected enough stars and similarly at Level 20. The game will alert you as to how many stars you still require when you attempt to play level 11 or level 21 respectively. You will need to go back and play the preceding levels to collect more stars before you can advance.

Tip from #BabySumoKids:
To defeat the Crank Tank on Level 10 you will have to climb up all the platforms to get the Yo-Yo before attacking the Crank Tank.  To defeat the Slazer on Level 20 you will have to get the Smart booster then enter the virtual world to activate the Canon to attack the Slazer.

We are currently working on our strategy to defeat Dr Greedy on Level 30. Despite reaching Level 30 we have only discovered 5 hidden trophies, let us know if you find more :-)

You can connect with other NutriQuest gamers and NutriQuest game developers on Horlicks Facebook page for assistance, helpful hints and tips.

Download the games here with Google or Apple app store. For more info on Horlicks NutriQuest, please visit

The Horlicks School Education Programme will also be visiting 100 schools to bring fun and excitement through an educational approach. Students will be taught how to conduct fun science experiments by being taller, strong and sharper and defeat Dr. Greedy!

Read more about the Horlicks NutriQuest roadshow here.

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