Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mooncakes + Mid-Autumn Reunion Dinner @ Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya

Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, and during this day, families and friends come together to enjoy mooncakes together and have a reunion dinner . This year, Toh Yuen will be offering a Mid Autumn Reunion Dinner menu, specially crafted by Executive Chinese Chef Ben Lim.

The inspiration for Chef Ben’s Mid-Autumn Reunion Feast comes from traditional Cantonese dishes enjoyed during Mid-Autumn Festival which also alludes to the full moon fused with modern cooking techniques. The Mid Autumn Reunion Feast is available at RM 1800nett for a table of 10 persons and is available from 1 September – 27 September 2015. 

We started off our dinner with the boiled beef ribs with lemongrass scented spicy garlic sauce. The sauce was really good and fragrant, and complemented the tender beef so well. One of my favorite dishes of the evening.

The double boiled cucumber soup with scallop and green peas was slightly thicker and richer than other double boiled soups that we've had, but we liked it. Smooth and comforting.

The pan fried chicken topped with salted eggs and BBQ sauce showcases the wonderful fusion between the Asian and Western cooking. The tender chicken is topped with a layer of salted egg and then coated with the appetizing BBQ sauce.

The baked cod fish with wasabi mayonnaise was nicely cooked; the fish was beautifully flaky and tender.

I thought it was unusual of the chef to stir fry the huge scallops with dragon fruit, but it turned out to be a pretty nice combination. I usually prefer the red dragon fruit, but this white variety tasted good as an addition to the savoury dish. Lotus root and capsicums is added for colour and texture.

Stir fried scallops with dragon fruit and lotus root

This is another interesting pairing, lamb chops which have been pan fried and then served with a coffee sauce. The coffee sauce is thick with a slight bitterness to it, kind of like using chocolate with meat to give it depth of flavour.

Pan fried lamb chops with coffee sauce

I love it when a Chinese meal includes a noodle dish, especially when it's super tasty like this crispy noodle topped with tiger prawn. It is served with a flavorful, thick sauce, which acts to soften the crispy noodles. The tiger prawn was also big and juicy.

How cute!

For desserts, we were served deep fried Chinese pancake with vanilla ice cream. Cornflakes were added for extra texture.

Overall, I find the menu very interesting, unique and different (in a very good way!) from the usual Chinese-style meals. I would love to eat all these dishes all over again, if I could ;)

After the sumptuous meal, we were also served Toh Yuen's mooncakes, which are made with less sugar. Available from 1 August until 27 September, you can choose from 5 traditional baked flavours (RM23-26) as well as 6 snow skin varieties (RM17 + RM34 for premium musang king durian paste). There is 20% early bird discount for purchases made before 15 August for 10 boxes and above. CIMB card holders also enjoy 20% discount when they present their card when purchasing these mooncakes. The gift box is a pretty pastel Celadon hue.

For traditional baked, the flavours available are pandan paste, pure lotus paste with single yolk, mixed five nuts, white lotus paste with double yolk and red bean paste. My favorites are the pandan paste and lotus ones with yolk.

For snow skin, you can find lotus paste with sunflower seeds, yam paste, green tea paste with red bean, black sesame paste, dragonfruit paste and Musang King durian paste. Our favorite was the dragonfruit paste, as the filling is very smooth and slightly tangy.

* The Mid Autumn Reunion Feast is available at RM 1800 nett for a table of 10 persons from 1 September – 27 September 2015. The menu items are also available on ala-carte from RM 30 nett per dish.


Location: Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant, Level 1, Hilton Petaling Jaya, 2 Jalan Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7955 9122 ext. 4073/4.

Website: http://www.zestpj.com/

GPS Coordinates: 3.102164, 101.640573

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  1. I love moon cakes! I wish they weren't so oily though because I can easily eat a whole one! :D

    1. Oh really? The ones we get here are not oily at all.... you should come to KL during mooncake season and try some ;)

  2. Looks awesome, I need those soup!

  3. each course looks like a delight in its own way, though i think my favourite would be the crispy noodle with prawn! :)


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