Saturday, July 18, 2015

Strawberry Picking @ Mini Cameron Highlands Garden, Genting Highlands

After checking out from the hotel, we decided to stop for strawberry picking before heading home. This time, we decided to check out Mini Cameron Highlands Garden which is located on the left side of the road heading back to KL after you pass the "security check" castle-looking place at Genting / Gohtong Jaya. 

Before entering the premises, you will need to pay a deposit of RM8 per basket. They charge RM80 per kg of strawberries which makes it more expensive than Korean strawberries. I guess you're paying for the "experience" of getting to pick your own strawberries.

Over here, strawberries are grown hydroponically as well. The kids could easily reach the first two rows/levels so they went on a picking frenzy, though I have to say they are pretty good in selecting the red, juicy strawberries :)

Good job, babysumokids :)

One selects and holds the basket and one cuts (they take turns)

Strawberry flower

RM19 worth of strawberries

There is also a vegetable and mushroom farm adjacent to the strawberry PYO farm. And they have stalls set up, which sell various kinds of vegetables and fruits.You can also PYO passion fruit.

Vegetables grown hydroponically

Hubby made his perfect meringues to go with the tart strawberries :)

Check out this other strawberry farm as well as lavender, mushroom, vegetable and flower farm, which is located near Gohtong Jaya town.

Opening times: Mon-Thu 9am - 7pm; Fri-Sun & PH 9am - 8pm.

Location: Mini Cameron Highland Garden, Pt 17302, Mukim Bentong Gohtong Jaya, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang.

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  1. Hi Yen,
    This is indeed a wonderful place to visit. I brought my kids here once and they love to go again.
    Thanks for sharing. Love all your lovely clicks.

  2. adorable first pic of the kids in the strawberry booth! :) mmm, i want a trip to the highlands too to escape kl's current weather! :D

  3. Any strawberry desserts place there? Loved the ones at Cameron. Miss the strawberry fields in NZ...and the strawberry ice cream!


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