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Skillet at 163, Fraser Place, KL

Stepping into Skillet at 163, we couldn't help but admire the beautiful interior of this newly opened restaurant. Located in Fraser Place KL (within walking distance of KLCC), this restaurant serves modern European cuisine with an Asian touch. Helming the kitchen is Chef Raymond Tham, a pastry chef and chocolatier with vast experience in the culinary world.

They have a seating area upstairs which can seat 25-30 people, suitable for events too. 

Looking down into the restaurant

At Skillet at 163, they have an all-day dining menu as well as a dinner menu, which promises a more refined and elaborate dining experience. During dinner service, diners can expect to be served an amuse bouche, bread made in-house, and petit fours along with their order.

Virgin mango margarita (RM16) 

Cucumber cooler (RM14) 

To start, we had an appetizer from the dinner menu as well as 2 salads from their all day dining menu. Chef Raymond explains that he uses sashimi grade Hokkaido scallops- they were beautifully seared and rests on a layer of thinly sliced macerated pineapple, tarragon and shallots. 

Pan seared Hokkaido scallops (RM44)

Beautifully plated :)

A popular British snack. Scotch eggs are usually made with sausage meat, however since Skillet is pork-free, Chef Raymond uses minced chicken instead, which he infuses with chilli and lemongrass. The scotch egg was moist yet crispy, with hints of spiciness from the cili padi. Extra marks for the runny soft boiled egg.  It is served atop an Asian slaw, which includes pickled bunga kantan. Highly recommended.

Scotch Eggs with Asian Slaw (RM28) 

The duck salad (RM24) here is inspired by duck a l'Orange and features duck confit, orange segments, walnuts, arugula and beetroot chips. It is finished with a balsamic dressing to cut some of the richness of the duck.

Nasi lemak inspired sandwich (RM28)... intrigued? We were, and we wondered how it would taste as a sandwich. It surprisingly worked really well, all the flavours and elements of a nasi lemak coming together nicely in a sandwich. Deep fried crispy and moist chicken thigh, spicy sambal, ikan bilis, raw onions, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, peanuts.... the whole works (minus the rice). We thoroughly enjoyed this.

The braised Australian beef brisket (RM39) is braised over low heat for 4 hours with Belgium cocoa mass to give it a rich, deep flavour. Served with root vegetables and quenelles of mashed potatoes.

Just before desserts, it's palate cleanser time... but it's no ordinary palate cleanser as it is made tableside with liquid nitrogen. Chef Raymond has created a new flavour and we're the first to try it - apple, cucumber and assam boi sorbet (RM45). With a few stirs, viola, our sorbet is ready! So much fun to watch.

Nitrosorbet - in the making

 Love the refreshing, tangy flavours.

Sorbet making- watch the magic here

Skillet at 163 opened its doors in April this year, however it has already gained a reputation for its desserts, in particular its chocolate desserts. Chef Raymond specialises in chocolate and has previously worked with one of the largest chocolate company in the world, Callebaut. Last year, he was also one of the judges of the World Chocolate Master Event.

We were fortunate to be able to taste not one, but several of Chef Raymond's creations, starting with this trio of desserts. The lychee, white chocolate and cheese mousse (RM28) is served with pistachio crumbs and osmanthus jelly - a light and creamy dessert. So good!

Moving on, we had the Peanut, Banana and Black Sesame (RM35) which features peanut butter mousse, with a hazelnut sponge, caramelised banana and sesame soil. And finally the richest one on the plate, the Salted Caramel Macadamia (RM35) with a dense chocolate sponge, topped with chocolate cream and Maldon salt. Very impressed with the desserts here, works of art and extremely delicious indulgence.

Chef Raymond ends our meal on a high note with his chocolate masterpiece, the Textures of Chocolate (RM45) complete with fun theatrics. He first pours liquid nitrogen into the centre of the chocolate sphere, onto the liquid white chocolate, which turns it into white chocolate popcorn (listen out for the popping sound). Then, you will be given a hammer to crack open and reveal the delights awaiting inside. Finally, a chocolate sauce is poured over, so you can enjoy different textures of chocolate.

Sure to delight all senses. :)

They also do a set lunch on weekdays for RM19.90 which includes a main (daily special) and dessert.

Parking available in Fraser Place. Parking rate RM5 per entry on Sat, Sundays and PH, and RM10 per entry after 6pm on weekdays.

Opening times: 11.30am to 11pm daily. Closed on Sundays.

Location: Skillet @163, Fraser Place, 10 Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2181 2426


GPS Coordinates: 3.154174, 101.708805

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  1. Hi Yen,

    Love the modern setting of this place. Because it is newly opened, I reckon everything including their food looks so energetic and brand new. Very nice!


  2. Wow those desserts look so pretty! They're so beautifully plated. What a treat to watch and eat them :D

  3. lovely pics of the ambiance and the food ... very cheerful and bright! mmmm, i sure wouldn't mind some scotch eggs :D

  4. Lovely place, lovely shots. Like the look of the beef brisket, seems so tender.


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