Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spa Review: ELYSYLE Spa, Wisma Elken, Kuala Lumpur

Father's Day is just around the corner (15th June this year), so if you're still looking for a special gift for your dad, I have a great idea right here for you - why not treat him to a pampering spa treatment? And my blog readers can enjoy a special discount for the whole month of June - read on for more details! :)

ELYSYLE Spa is world-class fusion spa that combines Eastern and Western elements in its setting, ambience and therapies. It is located in the 10,000 square feet penthouse of Wisma Elken.

We were recently invited to ELYSYLE Spa to try out a couple of their treatments. Upon arrival, we were pleased to find that a car parking space has been reserved for us right in front of the building, as parking is pretty limited around here. Once you are inside the building, you are transported to a tranquil surrounding, almost forgetting that we are still right here in bustling KL!  Before the start of our treatment, we were brought to the seating area to enjoy a welcome drink and some cookies.

Tranquil environment

Our therapists then leads us to the VIP suites, which is equipped with resting lounge, private shower, jacuzzi, toilet and is suitable for couples who want to enjoy their treatments together. Our treatment starts off with a complimentary foot bath and scrub to refresh our tired feet. Then, we experienced one of their signature treatments, the energizing stone spa that adopts the proven traditional yet natural therapeutic approach of using natural gemstones to re-energise the body from within.

Stone spas are becoming very famous and available in every corner of Japan due to their numerous health benefits including emission of FIRs and negative ions, and the relaxing warm heat. Our bodies naturally produce FIRs, a natural energy the body uses to heal, repair and balance itself, however production of FIRs decrease as we age or when our body undergoes external or internal stress like exposure to environmental toxins, injury or stress, resulting in an increased susceptibility to illnesses. 

The combination of negative ions and FIRs emitted from a stone spa provides many benefits to the skin, aids dieting, alleviates back and shoulder pains, boosts the immune system and helps reduce allergies, constipation and chronic conditions like rheumatism and arthritis.

ELYSYLE houses Malaysia’s first ever stone spa, and have chosen to use 3 of Japan’s most popular ore (natural rock) and gemstones, each offering differing positive health benefits to the body. Your therapist can advise you on the best option after consulting you on your health concerns. A 40-minute session in the stone spa definitely made us feel revitalized and perhaps lighter from the major sweat out. :D 

After our stone spa treatment, we were served some juice, cold water and jelly, which we were advised to finish to rehydrate our bodies. Then, we enjoyed a 60-min rejuvenating deep tissue massage - our massage therapist worked their magic with slow, firm strokes. Felt so good!

Overall, we had a wonderful and relaxing afternoon being pampered at ELYSYLE Spa, thank you!

A 60-min massage (choose from Original Swiss, pure aromatherapy, deep tissue, or shiatsu) costs RM188++ while 90-min massage is RM238++. ELYSYLE energizing stone spa costs RM78++ for 40 minutes. For the month of June 2014, Baby Sumo readers can enjoy 40% off stone spa treatments. Simply quote/mention "babysumo" while making your reservations to enjoy this discount.

Opening times: Tue – Sat : 10:30am – 07:30pm; Sun / PH : 10:30am – 05:30pm; Mondays closed.

Location: ELYSYLE Spa, Lot 1-3, Penthouse, Wisma Elken, Batu 5, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603-7785 1111

GPS Coordinates: 3.085419, 101.670860

Website: http://www.elysylespa.com.my/elysyle-spa.html

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  1. Stone spa? I hear the sauna's not for those with heart problems, dunno this one.

    1. Hi Arthur, sorry for the late reply.It's similar to sauna in a way, but you lie down on the hot stones and I feel it is less "stuffy" compared to sauna.

      Stone spa is also not suitable for ppl with heart problems, high/low blood pressure or with chronic illness.

  2. Yoh, hubby also got invited to the spa treatment, envy envy!

  3. Ooh ...let me show to my wife ! 😊


  5. stone spa treatment sounds special, i don't think we have it here in Penang...

    1. Ya this is first one in Malaysia, not sure if other places have it now.

  6. ooo, the location of this spa is just a 10-minute drive from my home. hubby definitely looks like he's enjoying this very much, and the stone spa section looks very nice indeed :)


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