Thursday, May 2, 2013

Czech Food @ Lokal, Prague, Czech Republic

We were in Prague for a short break, so first thing we had to sample was some authentic Czech cuisine. We didn't have much prior knowledge of Czech cuisine so a quick search led us to Lokal, a restaurant in Prague serving traditional home-styled dishes. It was a relief that they do have English menus and a helpful serving staff who will provide you with answers to any questions you might have.

Traditionally Czech cuisine has been influenced by its surrounding countries therefore it is no surprise that you might get a few dishes whose origins may be from another country such as Schnitzel (Austria) or Goulash (Hungary). Side dishes such as bread/potato dumplings are familiar sounding and they do have quite a lot of meaty mains. And not to mention Czech beer is pretty reknowned around the world with Pilsner Urquell taking center stage. It is no wonder when you take into account that Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world!

Exterior of Lokal

Lengthwise this has to be one of the longest restaurants in the area. Interior is casual and there are some funky decorations on the walls, making it a bit more contemporary.

One of the funky wall motifs

No idea what PRIM means but apparently 11.10 is the time for it...

Stal Inn... Get it?

Drink too much and all you see is beer

Huge beer tank which looks like a pig from the front

Food was not the most impressive and frankly it is a bit off-putting from the get go. It is apparent from the pictures below that they do not have too much regard for food presentation! Flavourwise the food is good but not outstanding. But the beer is very good and *extremely* cheap so do try it out when you are in the area.

The world reknowned Pilsner Urquell (42Kč for 0.5l ). A must try in the Czech Republic!

Roast beef (115Kč) with bread dumplings (35Kč). Side dishes are charged separately.

Fried cheese with homemade tartar sauce (159Kč)

Gooey, sticky, cheese deep fried. Very sinful indeed

Spinach side dish (39Kč)

Oink oink!

Verdict: We left the place slightly disappointed with the food but we were impressed by the (cheap) local beer.

Location: Lokal, Dlouhá 33, Staré Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic

Opening times:- Mon -Fri (11.00 to 01.00); Sat (12.00 to 01.00); Sun (12.00 to 22.00)

Tel: 222-316-265


*This is a guest post by The Unc.


  1. oooo, i've not been to prague, but it's on my list of places to get to before i hit 50 (or maybe 60, cross fingers, heh) :D

    1. Sean, you must definitely visit Prague! It's such a beautiful place. Hubby took me there for my birthday, and I love it there so much!

  2. I thought the food looks pretty good especially the roast beef. Would give the spinach a skip though...

  3. Oh what a shame that the food was a bit disappointing but good to hear that the beer was worth a stop for! :D

  4. Wow, that is a long dining room!

  5. Prim is a brand of Czech watches

  6. Hey nice blog, food looks good long time didnt eat Czech food...

  7. I just love Prague! I have been there last year and I have visited the Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant! It was fantastique!Just visit them if you can


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