Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramadan Bazaar 2012 @ Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Selangor

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us again and during this time, Ramadan Bazaars are set up in various locations offering buka puasa (breaking of fast) fare. Since moving to KL, we have without fail visited the Ramadan Bazaar at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn in Selangor (next to Carrefour).

The Ramadan Bazaars officially started their business today, and we were more impressed than ever at the quality and vast variety of food on offer there. It is indeed lovely walking around, soaking up the smells and sight of local, traditional Malaysian food.

Deep fried quail... finger licking good!

There are more stalls set up this year, and the crowd on the first day was crazy! Since we were slightly early, we managed to snap photos easily but come 6pm, it was hard to move around the place. The vendors this year are super friendly, all posing for photos for me. My favorite stalls were those with on-site cooking such as ayam percik, ayam golek (those chicken on rotisseries), satay, kuay teow goreng, ikan bakar, murtabak, roti john and chicken wings!

We were also happy to see lemang on sale (just one stall) here this year, finally! I see that most stalls still don't put up a sign with prices, but good job to those who do. Just a rough guide, ayam percik/golek usually costs RM18 each, satay RM0.60 per stick, chicken wings RM1.80 each and kuih-muih is 40sen each.

Anyway, here are the photos I snapped at the Ramadan Bazaar, do visit it if you get a chance - it's a great way of sampling lots of different Malaysian food under one carpark. ;)

Getting ready to hunt for food.. Baby D's first Ramadan Bazaar!

Chicken here, chicken everywhere!

Lauk pauk, laksam, gulai kawah... all sorts!

Jus Limau kasturi


Colorful drinks

More lauk pauk (ie assortment of vegetables/meat/fish)

Kuih-muih (assortment of Malay kuih)

Chicken and beef skewers

Ikan bakar (grilled fish)

Nasi Lemak Ayam Goyeng, Bob's Place... this was a highly popular stall and where we got our quail from

More Ikan Bakar

Ayam Bakar.. they've even got a website, 

Chicken wings (YUMMMMMMY)

We got our chicken wings from this stall, freshly cooked hence warm still when we got home

Satay (we got our satay from this stall)

Ayam percik

Sup Power!! (after drinking sure lots of "power" hehe)

More ayam golek (rotating chicken, I like to call them)

Laksa and karipap


Nasi kerabu

Murtabak Singapura, it's called... the biggest one I saw at this bazaar at RM10 each!

Yay! We found my mum's favorite lemang

Roti John

Ikan Bakar & kerang (clams)

We got some chicken wings (RM1.80 each), satay (RM0.60 each), deep fried quail (RM4 each), cucur udang (RM1 each), lemang and beef rendang (both RM3 each), assam laksa (Rm3.50 each) and some kuih seri muka. All the food that we tried were very good, extremely happy with our purchase and Baby C wants to go back for more of the quail.

Chicken wings 

Satay daging

Burung puyuh goreng (Deep fried quail) - loved it

Cucur udang (deep fried prawn fritters)

Lemang and beef rendang - kept my mum happy

Assam laksa


Evening sky

So have you visited any Ramadan Bazaars yet? If yes, do you have any good ones to recommend to me?

Full set of photos can be viewed on my Facebook page here. 

There is ample parking nearby since you can park at Carrefour Bandar Tun Hussein Onn and walk over to the adjacent car park where this bazaar is held. This bazaar will be available until 19 August 2012.

Most stalls operate from 4pm to 8pm.

Location: Ramadan Bazaar, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Town Park 1 Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, 43200 Cheras, Selangor Darul Ehsan. (carpark beside Carrefour Bandar Tun Hussein Onn)

GPS Coordinates: 3.046958, 101.759437

*All photos taken with iPhone4S except individual food photos. 


  1. have not visited any bazaar ramadan yet.

    food certainly looks delicious . I love the burung puyuh goreng

    1. Was impressed with the offerings this year, hope they maintain the standard cos im going back for more :)

  2. The lemang and beef rendang get a big thumbs up from me !!

  3. I love Ramadan Bazaars ;D Those roast chickens are awesome! I am going to the one in JB on coming monday. Can't wait.

    1. Found anything interesting / unique at the bazaar today?

  4. I thought of going today but in the end, my laziness got the better of me. Wow!!! So many stalls!!! I do wish they would make an effort to cover the food though...

    1. I saw most of them got use covers but when it's busy, the customers will keep taking off the covers to get the food.

  5. All the foods look delicious. Sure can't decide what to choose :) thanks for all the photos.

    1. You're very welcome. Am planning to visit more soon!

  6. OmG!! I need to visit this place but I guess it is only for during Ramadhan?

    1. This year the Ramadan Bazaars will be on til 19 August.

  7. Replies
    1. Yea they were all very happy to be photographed!

  8. gosh, i think it's been three or four years since my last visit to a ramadan bazaar. i guess i'm usually just too lazy, but let's see if this will be the year that i'll break that streak :D

    1. I think it's fun to do at least one per year. Where's the nearest one to you?

  9. seriously huge amount of things to choose from. Looks like they added on more stalls from last year! would love to have a try at the quail and the lemang+rendang combo :)

    1. Yea there are about 2 more extra rows of stalls this year. But less kuih and drinks shop compared to last yr.

  10. I always wonder ... these stall owners, don't they feel like they're torturing themselves? I mean, already puasa 12+ hours no food no drink still need to cook and some more be around heavenly food aroma's but cannot eat until sundown ...

    1. It's very good business for them. It's not easy to get license at the popular bazaars

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  12. Yeah...the most anticipated month. I visited one yesterday in Seremban 2. I went at 4pm already quite jam. So much of food. Will go again this coming weekend!! :-D

    1. Normally weekend very busy. This one also got busy by 5.30pm

  13. I want the ayam bakar & chicken wings!

  14. Ramadhan Bazaar these days are getting more and more creative with the choices of yummies available. This one looks really good and since its quite near my place, I m going to have to visit this soon!

  15. where can i get these foods during non Ramadhan season?


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