Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my dear readers! The day is coming to an end for me today, and it is nice to be spoilt and get some extra loving today.

Sending lots of love to all mothers out there.
A beautiful heart shaped cloud we spotted in the sky a couple of days ago. Do you also notice the cloud looks like a bird?

A flower for every beautiful mother. Thank you for being you.

I woke up this morning and was presented with some "I Love You" toast. How cute! Hubby bought back a novelty toast stamp specially from UK for us.

Toast with added love

The day ended on a sweet note for me, we enjoyed some strawberry marshmellow cake from Secret Recipe. Divine!

And best of all, I feel blessed to have two lovely kids and a wonderful family. Thank you for such a special day!


  1. I baked a cake for my mom ;p no idea how to celebrate it since I'm too lazy to go out >.>

  2. Did you buy that from bangsar shopping mall? I saw that the other time. :D

  3. The toast stamp is so lovely! and the heart-shaped cloud, ahh!

  4. cute toast, ur children toast it for u?
    Happy Belated Mama's day to you :)

  5. wah, strangely i thought you only had one daughter! two means double the blessing, i guess :D i'm also from a two-sibling family, though i used to wish i had extra siblings along with my sister (having plenty of brothers and sisters might have been nice while growing up) :D

  6. Fui: What cake did you bake her? I'm sure she loved it.

  7. Michelle: No, hubby bought it from UK. Mothers Day was celebrated in UK in March.

  8. Zoe: Hi!!! Long time no see... how are you doing? Yes yes I love the toast stamp, its sooo cute. Makes eating toast so much nicer. :)

  9. Choi Yen: Happy Mother's Day to you too. What did Sam get you? Yeah, my kids stamp and toast the bread for me :) :) :)

  10. Sean: Lol are you hinting that I should have more kids? Two is plenty. :P My other baby is just young and doesn't really join us for our food adventures just yet, but I can foresee that he loves food (just like mummy) :P

  11. Happy belated Mother's Day to you, dear! :)


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