Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mee hoon kueh / Pan Mee (Flat flour noodle soup)

Mee hoon kueh, the Hokkien delicacy also known as pan mee (flat flour noodle soup) is one of my favorite comfort food. I was craving for some today and thankfully I didn't have to go far to satisfy my cravings as my dad makes really excellent mee hoon kueh. (Have yet to find a restaurant which can beat his version!)

The ikan bilis (anchovies) broth is wholesome and full of flavour. The mee hoon kueh noodles made from flour, salt water and oil has a smooth texture; not too chewy, not too soft, my dad gets it just right. Add in some choy sum, shitake mushrooms and lean pork strips (or chicken strips if you like) and you've got yourself a tasty bowl of noodles. It's so good, I can easily eat 2 big bowls of this!

Hand-torn mee hoon kueh

We always have our mee hoon kueh with a side dish of crispy, deep fried anchovies.

So, where do you get your mee hoon kueh fix?


  1. I like my panmee thick in texture, love the flour-ly taste.

    PS: Nice to me you today, u certainly don't look like a mother of 2 children coz u r so slim & young! Sorry didn't chat much with you, hope can see you soon :)

  2. The best Pan Mee is not served in a restaurant but at a road side. I am a regular at that store but never blog about it yet due to my long back logs.

    Checkout at Taufulou's. I guaranty you will like it.

  3. choi yen: It was very nice meeting you too, wished I could have chatted with you more. Hope to see u again soon :)

    email2me: Thx for the recommendation. Will try it out with my hubby.

  4. Small Kucing: yah, homemade can get the exact taste and texture that you like.

  5. I missed my mom's version but she's not here already. hmm...
    the nearest mee hoon kueh at my place is at USJ9, Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee :)


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