Thursday, December 10, 2009

Little Vietnam @ Mid Valley Megamall

There are not many restaurants in The Gardens / Mid Valley Megamall, where you can have an affordable and decent lunch. After a little research online, I finally chose Little Vietnam, a restaurant which I felt would suit everyone's tastebuds.

I have to admit, I do not venture to the third floor of MV much. So I have never noticed Little Vietnam being there before. The decor is simple; brown lacquered tables and stools with some Vietnamese ornaments on display and floral motifs on the walls.

Right opposite Tropicana Life

Ordering here is very easy, as the dishes are all illustrated in the menu. I ordered the set meal for GP (RM20 and extra RM2 for the special drink), which included an appetizer, main course and drink.

For appetizer, I chose the fresh prawn rice paper roll (RM8.80). The bright colours of this dish was visually pleasing. I was not disappointed either when I took my first bite; the rice paper roll was fresh and light. Vermicelli, julienned carrots, cucumber, lettuce and king prawns were wrapped inside the rice paper roll and rested on a bed of alfafa sprouts. A sweet chilli sauce for dipping accompanied this dish.

We also ordered the Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Roll (RM5.80). Do not be put off by the size of the spring rolls, as the filling is very flavourful. Again, a sweet chilli sauce for dipping accompanied this dish.

Pho is a must for me when dining at a Vietnamese joint. I last had pho in Munich and that bowl of pho turned out to be quite "memorable". Even though the pho was delicious, we realised soon after that they had been TOO generous with the MSG in their cooking. We were literally dying of thirst for the next couple hours. The pho here is quite a different story, the soup was clear and you can tell that they do not add much artificial flavouring.

The memorable Munich pho

There is a variety of pho to choose from here; beef balls, beef slices or the Special All Beef Mix. GP had the Pho with beef balls and beef slices (RM12.90) . On a separate dish are some raw beansprouts, lime and Thai basil for you to add into the soup before you start eating. The basil makes the soup much more aromatic. Squeeze in some lime to add a sourish kick to the soup. And putting in the beansprouts on your own meant that the beansprouts were still nice and crunchy.

Throw it all in and voila!

I, on the other hand, had the Pho with the beef slices (RM11.00). From past experiences, I find beef balls a bit too chewy for me. A perfect choice for me as the beef slices were tender.

And to finish off our meal, I couldn't resist but order the Three Colours Shaved Ice with Fresh Coconut Milk (RM7.80). The vibrant colours (yellow, green, red) in the menu enticed me. This is similar to ais kacang, except that it doesn't have any gula melaka or the red syrup stuff. Served in a tall glass, with layers of corn, cendol and red beans.

Overall, a very quick and healthy lunch.

Later on, we headed over to The Gardens. Beautifully lit up trees in the foyer for the Christmas mood.

You get a "loyalty card", for every RM10 you spend here, you will receive 1 stamp. 12 stamps later, you can order a main course of your choice for free.

Click here for the menu. However prices are not current.

Service: Food service is very prompt. Friendly staff.

Price: Good value for money. Affordable. RM20 for set meal.

Location: Little Vietnam, Lot T0-27, Level 3. Mid Valley Megamall, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2938 8899


  1. Nice food!!~ Will try when I get back to KL

  2. A gorgeous place and looks like some delicious eats here!

  3. Oh how I love Vietnamese food. I grew up near Little Saigon in Westminster, CA so I had this cuisine at my disposal. Since I've moved to NYC, I haven't found a restaurant that is remotely even close to the authenticity I've grown accustomed to. The pho looks like a perfect meal for a cold winter day here.

  4. Yup, nothing beats a hot bowl of noodles on a cold day!

    Thank you all for dropping by :-)


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